Week 6 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

We had a really great hair week! The week started out with a bump and I was sure Beans was coming down with something and might be staying at home sick, but it ended up just being a headache. Thankfully. I've told her to make sure she's drinking enough water to help keep the headaches away. (Keep reading to get links to these tutorials.)

Day 25-- This day officially makes us a quarter of the way through our hundred days of hair! (YEAH!!!) And we have been really strong and consistently posting every day on Instagram (@girlydohairstyles). We flat ironed her hair with just a little curvature and used a beautiful All Things Ribbon headband. Never underestimate a good hair accessory on dressing up a plain style.
Day 26-- This was one of the first tutorials we ever posted here on Girly Do's, so it goes way back to when Beans was super little. You'll have to check out my first tutorial and see just how young she was when we originally posted this one. If video tutorials are more helpful to you check out this video we did just over a year ago of this same style.
 Day 27-- I don't have a tutorial for this one, so it may need to go on my list to get one done, but its just French braids to the side and then a bun made out of braids as apposed to my messy bun. This way it looks  a little more structured and intentional.
 Day 28-- My baby usually sleeps in long enough for me to finish doing every ones hair in the morning, but not on day 28. He wanted to help by brushing Beans hair, so I kept it very simple. But I did curl with my 1 3/4" curling iron after he was done brushing her hair.
Day 29-- Beans had to take a bath in the morning. So she had wet hair. I would have liked to blow dry it, but that didn't happen. So I quickly did a snake-water-fall braid style in her hair. No more family fun nights on Thursdays. We have baths/showers, homework, spelling tests.... lets just say Thursdays aren't the best to change routine on. But she looked great!

Like I said I think we had a great hair week. My personal favorite was day 26 for this weeks style. I love putting ribbon in the hair! Its so pretty. Which one was your favorite for the week?


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