Our {Hair Care} Routine: Part 2

Products!!! One of the biggest questions I am ever asked when it comes to our routine is about which products I use (personally). And as a professional which products I recommend. These are the products I have and use myself.
When I pulled out all of my products I thought it looked a bit overwhelming, so instead of writing up a long post about each of them individually I turned the camera on myself and tried to just talk about each of the products. Of course I hate being in front of the camera, but I did my best.

If you are just catching this post you may want to go back and read part one from this series where I go over hair texture and type. Its very important that you come to know your hair type to fully appreciate any hair product and to really come up with a good routine with your hair.
Here is a list of the items mentioned in this video:
Joico (Shampoo and Conditioners). I like the K-Pak products. 
Kenra (Shampoo/Conditioner and mouse.)
Biolage (Shampoo and conditioner)
Big Sexy (Hairspray, Powder Play and Back comb in a bottle)
Short Sexy (Hard Up)
It's a 10 (Miracle oil and leave in conditioner) 
ION (Leave in conditioner)
Not Your Mothers (Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray)
Beyond Zone (Demented styling goo)
Marrakesh (Brush-Up Argan Oil Mist)
Biosilk (Silk Therapy)
Moroccanoil (Both Regular and Light)
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino (Cristalli Liquidi)

Thanks so much for watching. Hopefully talking about our routine is helping and answering any questions you have from us. This really is one of the most requested tutorials/topics we get. So hopefully I am answering your questions you have about our routine. Happy hair doing.


  1. Could you list the names of the brands/products? I am not as familiar with many of these brands, and I am guessing at the names. I'm trying to take notes, but I'm a little lost. :) I have two very different hair types with my kids...my son has very thick straight hair and my daughter has very fine straight hair.

  2. Yes. I am so sorry. I meant to do that first thing this morning and totally forgot. Thank you.

  3. I always like your products & still lifes. They’re really good.

  4. wow its great lovely post , thanks for shearing us .


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