Halloween {My Favorite}

Halloween is my favorite holiday. The kids totally know it too, I start hearing about what costumes they want to be for Halloween at the start of summer. I've made the rule in my house that if you can imagine it mom will try her very best to make it happen.

When I was little I remember one year wanting to be and ice cream cone. My mom sewed two big scoops and wrapped a cone shape around my legs. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing that my mom made it happen for me. So that was something I wanted for my kids.
This year I think they went a little easy on me. The hardest challenge for me was the big harry feet I made for my oldest who was young Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit. And I had found a pretty sweet tutorial online that I based mine on. And I got really lucky with the blood on Bloody Mary. I almost threw it in the washing machine (its tie die), but my husband suggested we just let it dry naturally. We used some of the extra on a white tank top Beans had and it bleed like crazy and turned the whole thing shades of pink. It was cute, but it would have been all wrong for Bloody Mary.

My six year old wanted to just be a puppy (again), but I told him to choose something else. I told him to get creative. So he came up with being a the green ninja from Ninjago, but he didn't want a Lego head. He's thrilled he chose something different and wants to dress up in his costume every day. He's pretty excited that I am going to let him use it as pj's after Halloween. And everyone else chose my babies costume. They got totally giddy about the idea of him being Finn. I had to do it!
So that is why I have been posting hair a little less than usual. I've just been busy trying to make magic happen for my fabulous four. If you want to see some of our past costumes you'll enjoy seeing last year. We had Herobrine from MineCraft, Beans was a witch, The Grim Repor and a Kermit The Frog. The year before that we had the caged boy, the cheerleader and a puppy. In 2010 we got all the kids to dress up like Harry Potter characters. People in my neighborhood still talk about my oldest son and his Lou costume from 2009. Beans was princess Aurora and my youngest (at the time) was Mario. We were going to have my baby be Mario this year, but the kids chose Finn.

From my family to yours we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. 


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