Double Knot Braid

I know there are a lot of readers out there that struggle with braiding. This is one of those styles that you might be able to make work for you if you are not a braider. We originally posted this hairstyle as single knots. We called it Linky Pigtails. Last year we finally did a video tutorial for that hairstyle and at the time I remember wanting to play with the left out hairs and make it look more intricate.  There is one more option with this style (that I know of) that I will hopefully have up for you very shortly. We love this way of braiding.
This really is as easy style. Once you get started it will just fall nicely into place. I think the thing that intimidates people most is having so many strands that you are working with. I think it will be very easy to you once you give it a try. Best of luck. Make sure and share your styles with us on Instagram @girlydohairstyles. I'd love to share more of your cute styles on my page, so link me to your style and maybe I will share your styles with my readers.
Thank you from both Beans and I. We love our friends from Girly Do Hairstyles. Thank you.


  1. I tried this today on my daughter. I was really cute and it worked on her thin short hair. Thanks!

  2. This one looks awesome, we are going to try it tomorrow. I hope it looks as cute as your girlie's hair!

  3. The Double Knot Braid is really adorable. I'll try it sometime.

    1. i love hair especially the double knot braid

  4. I really like the double knot braid because it is cute. I see it a lot.

  5. I love this i'm going to try this tomorrow and maybe tonight

  6. I love this i'm going to try this tomorrow and maybe tonight


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