Week 2 {Days 6-9}

What a week. This week started out fine, but ended a bit chaotic. I didn't even get my new video uploaded this week, but some weeks are like that. Hopefully that means next week you will get two new tutorials so I can stay on track. My little Beans got sick this week, so we spent part of our week visiting the hospital. No worries though, she is fine.

It looks like we took the easy way for doing hair this week, and we totally did. So I'd say every style featured this week are some of our quickest and most simple styles. I am so grateful to have some quick easy styles that we can use for weeks like this. (Tutorial links below.)

Day 6-- This was probably our most intricate. But it really is easy. I was experimenting with this one, so I don't have a tutorial for this one just yet, but its coming very soon. I love the braids in this one that make up the bun. I've seen this one on Pinterest done a lot, so if you check out there perhaps someone already has a tutorial on this one out there, if you don't want to hunt I promise we are putting one together.
Day 7-- I really am loving the Dutch Fishtail Braid right now.  I could use this one almost daily because I just adore it that much. The link it different than how I have it done in this picture, but hopefully you get the idea. I really am thinking I want to try Mindy's new Box Braid. Its like the Fishtail, but its braided on all sides. It looks great.
 Day 8-- Beans requested just a simple ponytail and after the day we had the day before we decided simple was for the best. To smooth out your ponytail you can check out this video we put together a few years ago.
Day 9-- Another one of our favorite styles in long or short hair is our Side Knots. This one is great for being in a hurry. I usually like to curl her ends, but we didn't today. It still looks great even skipping that step.

Remember you can follow us on Instagram @girlydohairstyles to see these updates daily. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

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