Week 5 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

I think my phone is experiencing its two-year "slump". We got a letter saying our contract was up and yada-yada-yada we qualify to upgrade... well we thought of getting me a new phone and giving mine to the husband to abuse. (He breaks a phone or two every year.) But its been acting up a bit lately and I feel like its lost a bit of photo quality this week (among other things). Do phones know when they are up for an upgrade? Just kidding.

In the way of hairstyles this week I think we had a really good hair week. Beans looked super cute every day. I don't know that there is a favorite to choose from this week, at least for me there isn't one that stands out as my favorite. You tell me though. Which was your favorite?

Day 20-- Waterfall Braid.Lets be honest, everyone should be using the waterfall braid on a regular basis. Its so soft and delicate looking. I love it. The number one complaint about the waterfall braid is that it is so loose. And some feel by the end of the day its a total mess. Start by putting moose in her hair while it is still wet. That should help the style to hold better. Dry as usual and style as usual, but the moose should help.
Day 21-- We did Dorthy Braids for day 21. Beans just wanted simple low braids in her hair, so we gave them a little extra twist and made them into Dorthy Braids.
 Day 22-- We now officially have this tutorial shot, but not edited or posted yet. You will probably see this one on Monday or Tuesday if this weekend is kind to me. Isn't it super cute???
 Day 23-- Bow braids are so fun. And easier than you would think. Make sure and check out this video to learn how to do your own bow braids.
Day 24-- This is one of our most popular styles here on Girly Do's, so I know you are probably familiar with this one, but if you need the tutorial you can find it here.

Hope you enjoy these styles and follow us on Instagram @girlydohairstyles to see daily updates on our #girlydos100daysofhair. Thanks for following us.

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  1. Really cute and beautiful! I cannot get the waterfall or the bow braid to stay, but maybe I'll try the moose trick...
    And about your phone problem: have you heard of phonebloks? Check out a really good idea on www.phonebloks.com !


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