Week 4 {#girlydos100daysofhair}

Beans hair is seriously getting so long! We measured it today because she's ready to cut it, but wants to donate... She's still a few months away from donating. I'm thinking that she may be able to donate and go back to a bob at the start of next summer. She is very excited.

This week we had some really cute styles, so I have to ask which is your favorite? I almost think its too hard to pick a favorite for this week. I love that she wore her hair down a bit more this week.. She is so beautiful.

Day 15-- I have a hard time believing we don't have a tutorial for this one, because we have been doing this one a lot lately. Remember back-in-the-day when I said I hates side ponytails... they are starting to grow on me. I still have an issue with the balance of a side ponytail, but I am learning to embrace asymmetric styles.
Day 16-- just a double twist braid in the bangs because Beans wanted her hair straight and down. So that was what we did.  My BFF from Babes In Hairland has done a great tutorial for twisting your fringe. So check out her tutorial here.
Day 17-- I was going to do a big bow in this style like I did in this tutorial, but I was in the mood for a small finishing bow, so I did just an itty-bitty bow for day 17. Sometimes changing things up changes the whole style.

Day 18-- We did this Twisted Bun hairstyle per Beans request. Most days she just says she doesn't care how I do her hair, but other days she comes to me with all the equipment in hand for exactly the style she wants. Bun form (check), bobby-pins (check) comb, brush and elastics (check, check, check) and of course a Bun Bow from All Things Ribbon.

Day 19-- Beans didn't care what I did with her hair, but her only request was to have it curly since she had not wore it curly to school yet this whole year. So we curled it with a flatiron and braided a fun headband across the front of her hair. Just the standard braid, not dutch braided.

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