Week 3 {#GirlyDos100DaysofHair}

If you aren't following us yet on Instagram you probably should be! We post a lot of pictures over there and with our 100 Days of Hair this year I am able to post what Beans hair looks like daily! But if you are just as happy seeing the round up on Fridays that is fine too. We are just super happy to have you with us.Its been a great week for hair around here. We had super simple styles and even more intricate styles this week. Which style (day) was your favorite?

Day 10-- This was our new tutorial that posted earlier this week. If you missed it you can find the tutorial here. This tutorial has been done before, but we do ours different than the others out there. I figured out a way to make it hold tighter, so make sure you check out our video.
Day 11-- I don't know if you saw Mindy's Four Sided Fishtail Braid.We saw it and had to try it. I don't often have to watch other peoples tutorials to figure out how a style was done, but I totally had too. This is a great style. I'm thinking we need to try it with a three strand standard braid.... I wonder how that would turn out.
Day 12-- This one totally didn't turn out as fantastic as my original tutorial. I was wanting to see if I could make it wider since Beans hair is so much longer than when I originally did this braid tutorial, I like it better in the original Ladder Braid post. Do me a favor and click on that link and look at how this braid should look, its worth looking at.
Day 13-- Beans is getting older and she is such a BEAUTIFUL girl that some days I just want her to wear her hair down. I flat ironed her hair and curved it under just a touch. I also thinned out her bangs a little a few weeks back so that she no longer has bangs, but just a smart flattering style to frame her face while they are growing out. She's so lucky to have a stylist as a mom. Its nice to know tricks like that.
Day 14-- I had a bride at the salon nice and early this morning, so it made for a bit of a rush-rush morning at out place. I came home with 15 minutes before she was going to run out the door. She had her hair in a nice ponytail, but it needed a bit of smoothing, so we took her hair out and I adjusted it just a bit to make sure it looked more smooth and gave the sides a little twist just for style. This was a super easy quick style. Tutorial can be found here.

I'd love to see what you are doing. If you share things with us on Instagram hashtag them as #GDHairShare. I might even share your beautiful work on my Instagram account. Happy hair doing! Hope you have a great, safe and dry weekend.

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  1. I can show you how to do the four sided/box 3 strand (regular) braid. How would you feel about a guest post?


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