The Big Beautiful Bun Braid

It has been on my list for a while to make this braid a stronger braid that held up better and used less bobby-pins. I think I accomplished this. When I originally learned how to do this hairstyle I wasn't very impressed with the tightness of it and I didn't love how many bobby-pins I had to use to make it look good. I finally have it to where it holds itself and I am only using bobby-pins to hide the end, secure the bun form and to tuck under flyaway hairs. So now that I have accomplished that this is officially one of my favorite hairstyles.

Hopefully you are able to use this style if you weren't able to before. I think the hardest thing about this style is probably controlling the braid so that it rests around the bun form and doesn't sneak up and become part of the bun itself. But this is totally doable. Just keep practicing if it doesn't come easily to you the first time.

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You may see a bit of clutter around the blog over the next few weeks. I am going to attempt to update a few area's, so please be patient with me. Thank you! Happy hair doing!

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