Our {Hair Care} Routine: Part 1

Knowing our hair care routine is one of the most demanded requests we get. As a hairstylist  I have a different approach at hair care than most people. At the same time I am sure we use products you wouldn't expect me to be using as a stylist. So the next few posts are all about our routine around here at Girly Do's house with a bit of cosmetologist input to help you work it in to your own routine and make it work for you.

Today is all about TEXTURE and TYPE. I am breaking this up because I hope you can figure out what routine would be best for you with what we do for hair care in our family. There really is no cookie cutter correct way to maintain your hair, so we hope to just help you with the hair you have been blessed with.

I am very fortunate to have such different hair textures to work with.When it comes to hair there are really three texture types. You have fine, medium or thick (course). This describes the thickness of each individual strand and not how the actual hair feels. You can have very course, thick hair but have very little of it. This is not what texture describes. Texture describes the individual hair strand itself.

The most common hair texture is medium textured hair. Medium and thick textured hair hold style well and are easily manipulated. While Fine textured hair is more fragile and more easily weighed down by hair products. Its very important also with fine hair to turn down the temperatures when manipulating the hair with thermal tools.

Hair types to consider range from straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair. This classification is based on the shape of the hair itself. If you look at the hair is it straight? Does it form an "S" pattern? Is that tight or loose? If its tight it is more curly than just a wavy hair type. And last if you have "S" and "Z" shape curls with possibly everything in-between you may be dealing with kinky hair.

In my house I have all THREE textures to take into consideration with straight and kinky hair types. My oldest has the thickest hair in the house. We do a lot of thinning when I cut his hair. His hair type is curly and even bordering being kinky. I could take the easy way out and cut his hair short and leave the frustration out of  his routine, but I like a kid with style. We have embraced his hair and we style it in a clean/classy faux-hawk with the goal to grow it out (and cut it) into a pompadour hairstyle. His hair texture and type are perfect for a pompadour style. Not to mention it is easily one of my favorite cuts in the shop.

Beans and Little Man J have very similar hair textures and both have a straight hair type. Beans hair is thicker than LMJ's, but they are both blessed with great hair texture. LMJ has sleep apnea and his head-gear that he sleeps in has caused cowlicks and whorls all the way around the boarders of his hairline. Its a curse. This really limits our options on his style. We keep his pretty short. Maybe I will brave him growing it out one of these days, but for now we keep his pretty short. It the picture above it is pretty much as long as we ever let his get. He has the personality to totally rock longer hair though, but because of medical reasons (his mask) we keep it shorter.

Then my baby C's hair texture is very fine. His hair is completely different than anyone else in our family. We are very careful to keep sunblock on his very blond head. I think that is my biggest tip for anyone with very fine blond hair. Keep it well covered with a hat or sunblock in the sun. Go easy with heavy products and turn down your thermal styling tools. With fine hair you don't have all three layers that make up the hair strand (the cortex, medulla and cuticle), so it is more easily damaged. So know your hair type.

Why consider texture/type for your hair care routine?

When you consider your haircare routine you really just need to decide if your hair is fine or if it is medium/thick. If you have fine hair you are going to want to get products that are lighter and do not weight the hair down. (Unless that is the look you are going for... of course.) I would never use a gel in baby C's hair. If I ever used a holding product on his hair it would be a light mouse. (We will cover my favorite brands in another post.) Fine hair gets weighed down super easy. So go light with your product.

For my oldest son with his unruly, kinky and course hair I love gels and mouse. I love to use molding paste and waxes. We recently got him started using a sea-salt spray that leaves his hair in a just back from the beach style. He is very lucky when it comes to product, because he can try almost anything and find success with almost anything as well. When it comes to product he can really experiment with anything.

Beans doesn't use a lot of product. We have used mouse before just to help with flyaway hairs. And we have used them to extra secure a style we need to last, but we usually just use hairspray at the end of a style for Beans. Having Thick hair really does benefit big time when it comes to styling the hair. If you don't have thick hair you are going to want to find a good mouse and root lifting spray to help with your styles. Using the right product for less thick hair is really going to be the key for holding your braids and other styles while giving them volume and life.

My little guy with the whorls and cowlicks, LMJ, has the hardest hair to deal with. We like pom-aids and molding pastes for his hair. If you deal with whorls you need to find a weighty product that can help you control those whorls. If you have fine hair and whorls you have your work really cut out for you.

Does this effect how often I should wash my hair?

Yes! The texture of your hair does weigh into how often you will want to wash your hair. Experts will tell you to wash your hair less often because your hair needs the natural oils (sebum) your scalp produces. I personally try to wash my hair every three days unless I am in the pool, then it is almost daily. And I can totally feel the difference. Three days makes my hair feel much more healthy! Have I mentioned I have thick/coarse wavy hair?

This three day wash cycle is great if you have medium to thick hair, but what if you have fine hair? Those with fine hair will find that there hair may feel more oily sooner than expected. For those with fine hair if you can stretch to every other day your hair will benefit from this. So aim for every two/three days and if you just can't make that happen try for every other day. Avoid every day washing of your hair if you can.

Can I change the texture of my hair?

No. And sadly if you are asking this question you haven't embraced your hair texture or type of hair yet. The good news is if you have thick hair and wish it to be more fine or thin you can talk to your stylist about what you are trying to achieve and your hair can be thinned and cut to hang in a softer way making it appear less thick. There are perms and relaxers if you want to change your hair type. These can be expensive, but its the only way you can get a feel for the other side.

If you have fine hair and wish for it to be more thick you have a few options as well. Extensions are an okay answer, but they aren't really supposed to be used to thicken the hair as much as lengthen the hair. I worry when I see someone come into the salon and want thick hair extensions. Its heavy and it pulls hard on your fine hair. I really don't promote extensions to thicken the hair up. It worries me a bit. But you can always find good volume enhancing shampoos, mouse and a good root lifting spray to help with the appearance of volume and thickness. The best advice I can give you is to embrace the hair you have been blessed with.

Hopefully you have got to know your hair (or your child's hair) a little better with this article. Before we get into products and how we do things I think it is important to be able to refer back to the texture as an explanation why things are different for each of my kids. And hopefully it gets you thinking about your own hair texture and about the products you might be using or considering using. watch back for part 2 of Our {Hair Care} Routine.


  1. My hair is borderline fine/medium and super dark. I like having color in my hair and have given up on dying it because it damages my hair so badly. I have taken to putting colored extensions in my hair. If I have them in for more than a few weeks all the hair attached to the extension gets pulled out and leaves me with bald patches. This makes me sad. I am trying to come to terms with my hair the way it is and your website has helped with that. Yes, I cannot put color in my hair, but I can do my hair fancy and then put a colored bow or flower in it. It's a small condolence prize I guess.

    1. It sounds like we have similar hair. Mine is also borderline fine/medium. It used to be super dark but now I am getting lots of grey. I cannot lighten it all because it dries it out terribly and always ends up looking orangey. I like it better with dark color, but even that is drying it out a lot. I guess at some point I will have to accept the grey, but they are coming in wiry and stick out from the rest of my hair! Like in the article, my children all have very different hair too, so that makes buying products very challenging. Looking forward to part 2!

  2. I have a question to ask I want to have straight hair for that what I suppose to do?

  3. Great information and insights on hair types and textures. I guess some of us do not really know this kind of information and it's a good thing you came up with this. As they say, our hair is our crowning glory that's why most of us tend to spend a huge amount of money in hair salons just to have those nice-looking, gorgeous hair. Anyway, i am looking forward to part two of this post. I know i will learn more about hair on the second part.


  4. Your kids are adorable! Just had to tell you.

    Sorry it posts hubby's name

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