Twisted Bun

If you haven't caught on yet I have been trying to do more bun styles and updo styles over the last few weeks. The biggest reason for this is because its almost back to school time for us and I really like tight styles the first few weeks of school. Its still hot outside, so I like to have her hair out of her way and second it is bug season. If you remember my post from a few weeks back about lice being a back-to-school discovery I think you will understand why I like updo's more the first few weeks. Maybe that's not totally true. I know they do pictures the first day or two that will be on all there school craft projects so the teacher can get to know her, so I do her hair down sometimes the first day or two for those pictures. I know I am a bit crazy! But that is what you have come to love about me (I hope).

And don't let me forget to tell you that this super cute bow that in my opinion makes this bun the cutest thing ever is from Don't you totally love it? These might be my most favorite thing ever. They wrap around the bun, so you don't risk them falling out! I love that so much when it comes to a bow!

Before I get into my tutorial I have to tell you that I have got a little bit of negative feedback about this tutorial. I know its been done before. I'm not trying to steal any ones thunder in posting this tutorial. I just wanted to post my interpretation of this style. When I was in school I found that I understood math REALLY WELL!!! I loved math. I didn't struggle with math at all. One of my teachers discovered this and would give there lesson and teach how to do a math equation. Then she would ask if anyone did it differently and asked them to share there version on the board. I often did and a lot of my fellow classmates understood my way more than the teachers. This taught me something very important. Two things...

First: Some people just learn better from certain teaching methods or teachers. Some people just can relate to someone better than someone else.

Second: Its okay to learn the same thing more than one way.

I originally saw this style in a book I checked out from the library years ago and totally forgot about it until Princess Hairstyles posted a tutorial a few weeks back. Beans hair was to short for the style at the time. I didn't watch her video (sorry), but it reminded me that was one I wanted to do when I got to doing my run on cute dancer styles and buns (and when Beans hair got a little longer). So I did it. It really wasn't a big deal to me, but it was to about five people who felt offended that I posted this tutorial. So I am sorry to the five, but here's the back ground to my thoughts on the subject.

Also I started as one of (if not) the first hair bloggers and I have never clamored towards Internet stardom. I don't care to be in the lime-light. I'm thrilled with just putting something out there for people to enjoy and paying a few medical bills in the process.So please don't be mean with rude comments saying I don't give credit or that I am stealing someones style. I love the other bloggers out there and I am actually friends with most of them, I'd never do anything that I would think might offend them.

Okay with that out of the way I give you our tutorial in hopes that you can use this style and make it your own. Hopefully you can have fun with it.
This one holds up so well. It still has bobby-pins in it though, so I haven't found that perfect style for my ice skater friend, but I am still looking for it. I think you could actually do this one without bobby-pins, but its not going to be super tight. I like super tight.
Beans loves this style, but she seems to like it most to show off her super cute Eiffel Tower earrings she got for her birthday. This girl really needs a trip to France. I love it!
Happy hair doing and happy back to school week! We are going to do 100 days of hair again this year. I think I will try and post daily on our Instagram account, so follow us there at @girlydohairstyles so that you can see Beans daily hair style. Here's hoping all the girls have a great year this year, make lots of friends and look there best doing it!


  1. It's so darling, Jenn. I love seeing similar styles on all different hair types and also taught in different ways. I hope our readers will realize that both of us just love hair and blogging and aren't in a competition. ;) Thanks for being such a great friend.

  2. I've done this on my LaLa and we love it. In fact we did it for her baptism and I didn't have to worry about wet hair afterwards. We have also modified it a bit and after 5 twists I would change the direction I was twisting the hair and it gave a twisted flower look (and yes I did it by accident the first time).

  3. Love it! Totally trying this on my girls tomorrow. Can you tell me exactly which product the bow is from the allthingsribbon product line? Thanks!

  4. Was it curly when it was dry and you took it out? Would love to see a pic of that.

  5. Cute Hairstyle. What is the bun form you use to wrap the hair around? and where do you get it? Thanks

    1. You can use the top of a sock (Just cut it off and roll it up) if you can't find the form doughnut in the hair section, I have a hard time finding that type of stuff where I live so I have to come up with inventive options.

  6. Love it I do the Ballerina bun off of princess hairstyles all the time on my daughter and love love this one also so I'm sure it'll become a regular do for her as well! Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. I am sorry people gave you a hard time! I think it is hard to 'patent' a hairstyle. It is something so personal and creative. I love your tutorials. I can follow them! Other ones I sometimes watch totally confuse me...


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