Dutch Fish-Bone Braid {Fishtail}

Beans has had a love hate relationship with the look of fish-bone braids for a long time. She loves them because they are a very pretty braid, but she hates how loose they are as a finished look. We of course have the tightest fish-bone braid that doesn't sag like most fish-bone braids, but it was still not tight enough for her. So I was thrilled to learn the dutch version of this braid. Fortunately it is much tighter than the standard same style. I think this is going to be a winning style at our house.

When shooting this video I didn't exactly have a good video voice, I am still fighting this nasty cold, so there is no speaking in this video, but it seems that most people are loving the new way of kind of fast-forwarding through the tutorial. Hopefully by the time we shoot our next video I will have a bit of a voice again.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you can use this style and love it as much as we do. We are doing 100 days of hair again and posting the round up here on our website on Fridays, but if you'd like to follow Beans daily hairstyle for the first 100 days of school please follow us on Instagram at @girlydohairstyle. I have been posting her daily hairstyle there.
 Happy hair doing. Have a great week.


  1. You are so lovely in your hair, my daughter want's to try this hairstyle. Thank you for sharing this to us.
    Indian Hair

  2. LOVE it! A combination of my two favorite braids (that I can do). Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. LOVE it! It combines my two favorite styles (that I can do). Thanks for the tutorial.


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