100 Days of Hair {Year 2-- Week 1}

You all loved when we did 100 days of hair last year, so we decided to do it again this year. And already a lot of you are loving seeing Beans hair each day on Instagram. If you aren't already following us on Instagram you can follow us @girlydohairstyles. Its fun to see how Beans is wearing her hair every day. She has said she plans on doing lots of just plain ponytail days this year, and she's the one who make that call. So far she has requested something super cute every day, so we will see.

Day 1: I had to keep things simple for day one because there are often pictures taken and I wanted her hair down for any pictures, plus I didn't want to cause any distraction for the first day, so down and just the top was in a french braid.

Day 2: I am working on making this one in to a tutorial. There are a handful already done on YouTube. One is by Cute Girls Hairstyles and it looks great.  I just feel like I need to do something to it to make it work for me. Its one of those things. So I will be putting together my tutorial on that one shortly. I think I have it worked out for how I like to do it.

Day 3: This was our new tutorial from this week. Its a Dutch Fishtail Braid. And it is so cute! It holds up better than a regular fishtail braid, so it immediately because a household favorite!

Day 4: We did a regular french-braid right down the back of her head but to switch it up we did two add in braids on the side, just to make things fun. I don't have a tutorial for this one, but I have had a few people request it, so I will put it on the list.

Day 5: I actually was running out the door to the salon today and we had to do a quick style before breakfast. I went with a plain ponytail, but to pretty it up I did one Hair Flower at the top of the ponytail. Easily one of the fastest cutest styles we could have chose in a hurry.

Watch for next weeks styles. Its only a four day week for us because Monday is a holiday. Thanks for checking in with us and happy hair doing!

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