Fun Wish Fish Bone Braiding

Hip-Hip-HOORAY for new fun super cute hairstyles! This really is a great way to start this week out. I hope you are as excited as I am for this style. I'm feeling the urge to get a lot of super cute styles done and I am thinking it is because school is right around the corner. It is time to stock up on some great hair ideas. This one might just be that ideas for you.

So this really is a great one if you are not the best at adding hair in to a braid. I really think this could be a good way to learn how to add hair in. You will have to let me know if you are struggling to get that technique down. If this makes adding hair in any easier please let us know.
I almost chopped off her head in that video, and I had thought about refilming it. But I decided it was good enough and at least you can see everything even though I didn't quite have it perfect. One of these days I am going to get a great camera and instantly know how to use it to make great videos. Who am I kidding, even with the worlds best camera I will probably never bee that great at my video making skills, but the good news is you all aren't here for my video quality as much as you are here for hair! HAIR I CAN HANDLE!!!
I really loved this style so much. This one moved right to the top of our favorite list! I had the video shot and the pictures shot and Beans insisted in me putting those twist flowers in and I fell in love with that too. This one I have a feeling will be used a lot this upcoming school year. Not to mention that I LOVE how cute she is with her beautiful braces!

I'm getting really bad at naming these styles and I asked the family for help and there names for this one was even far worse than what I had in mind, so if you can think of a better name I would be so grateful! Maybe I will start posting my pictures on Instagram (@GirlyDoHairstyles) The day before I sit down to post and ask for help on the name. Because video cameras and hairstyle names just aren't my thing apparently.
I know you are going to ask about that super pretty flower. Its Beans favorite flower. We got it from Jen at When I was Beans age I wrote in my journal that I hated my name, Jennifer, because it was so common. Then I decided (in my journal) when I had a daughter of my own I was going to name her Zinnia after the flower. That way she would have a totally unique name. I didn't name her Zinnia, but she likes to pretend I did sometimes and will tell people that is her name. So Jen was very nice to make her a beautiful Zinnia that she can cherish. And she does.

Hope you all have a great week and we wish you some fun happy hair doing!

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