Foil Curls

Should I first start off with a heart felt apology for not posting last week or should I mix it in to the middle somewhere and try to hide it from those of you who don't read my posts, but just skim over the pictures... Just kidding. I am very sorry. It wasn't on purpose if that helps. And happily we are back on track with a new post for you and something fun to try!
Have you seen pictures floating around on Pinterest of those beautiful curls made with foil. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! But my whole thought was that so many people might not be able to do them because it is hard to make the curl turn out right if you don't know how to wrap and fold it.

I can't stress it enough though that the foils get very hot! You do not want to rest it on the skin. It will burn just like a curling iron will, so be smart about these foil wraps and keep them off the skin. I hope I also noted well enough to make sure and not fold over your curls they will end up kinking up and looking a little weird. I was so worried about making sure you knew to keep them off the skin that I hope I was clear on not folding the sides up over the curls.
Out of all the curls I have tried so far this type is my favorite for the heat curls because they lasted all day long. These will totally be my go to curls for picture days and down hairstyles for my brides or for prom styles. They are easier to work with that any of the heat-less curls I have tried in the past too. The curls from Bantu Knots are tight and I still love them I also will always love my original Rag-Curls (#2), but this is a new favorite curl.
Beans said she thinks this is a total winter style because it felt really good having the warmth, but she thought it would feel REALLY GOOD in the winter. She loved these curls and thought they were super bouncy. SO they passes the Beans test. (wink wink) I think you will see us using these a lot more over the next few years and this is definitely one I will take to the salon with me. It really is a great way to curl!
Thanks again for sticking with me and for not holding it against me for missing last week. I guess its true, time flies when your having fun. And it stands still when you're not!


  1. LOVE the way these look! Can't wait to try them on my girl's hair. Her hair is so thick that it is super hard to curl - but these might work!

  2. Jen you do an amazing job here on this site, please stop apologizing all the time! Really, never apologize again that something is late or that your camera broke or that you aren't into Twitter or whatever other hairbloggers do. I like when you just post with positivity like you did in your last two posts. Just do your thing because you have great ideas and help a lot of people.


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