Flash Back Friday {CURLER STYLE}

It was a bit random for Beans to say she wanted to wear her curlers to bed last night, but she pulled out these old gems and we put them to good use. And of course it made me think that doing a Flash Back Friday post to the original post might be a great idea. So if you don't remember when we originally made these look back at this link. BEANS WAS SO TINY!!! She has really grown up on this website. Its fun to look back at how little she was when we first started.

We also decided to roll them different than we had before because she wanted curl just in the ends. I hope it ends up exactly how she wants it to. I'm not home this morning to see when she takes them out (on her own) once she wakes up for the day, but she is supposed to take a picture to text to me. Once I get that picture I will do my best to post it on Instagram so you can all see an after picture. Watch for it and follow us on Instagram @girlydohairstyles.

I have had lots of people ask about me selling these and I still don't. I have seen them on Etsy now, so someone found our fun curls and you can now find them on Etsy if you look for them. Also this is a highly pinned post of ours as well. One pinner made the comment to make these with rice and warm them in the microwave before putting them in. It sounds just brilliant! I've never done it, but it makes good sense to me. So have fun, make some of your own or hunt some down on Etsy. They are just so fun!!!

If you have made some I'd love to see yours. Please tag us on Facebook or share your curlers on our Facebook page. Happy hair doing!

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