Easiest Quickest Prettiest Bun in the WORLD

One of the styles I love most is a good quick style that looks A*MAY*ZING! This is one of those styles. So do you remember my post from Monday? This is the style we used to take advantage of those super pretty curls and have a half-up-do!
This style would be perfect for a style for picture day. It is a great one for a simple, but elegant prom style and best of all it is easy and I swear anyone can do it! Who doesn't love a style that can claim all of that?

So the only part about this style that won't be fast is of course doing the curls the way I did. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! This style will look great no mater what kind of curls you use. To start you are going to secure the top part of the hair in a loose ponytail.
Braid the ponytail. You can do this loosely because in the next step we are going to...
hold the end of your braid (do not add an elastic yet) and pull out on each section of your braid making it pancake out and become very full and loose. You can add an elastic to the end at this point.
Next step you will twist the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure with an elastic around the whole bun or with bobby-pins. At this point you shouldn't be able to tell that you had a braid in the ponytail. It should just look like a beautifully intricately wove bun. You don't have to tell everyone it was honestly THIS EASY. You can make them think it was harder than it actually was.
What do you think? You'll have to come back on Monday to see how we now turn this style into an even prettier updo that is seriously just as easy! Thanks for looking, following us and for always sending your friends our way. THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Wow, love the look of the loose braid as a bun. Will have to try it. My problem is that when I loosen the braid I get all the sticky outy pieces (very technical terms) poking out, but as a bun I think that will still work. Thanks for the tutorial!
    {Hugs} Barb


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