Beans Teaches a Simple Twist Style

I got all ready to do a tutorial and Beans said, "Mom I haven't done a Beans teaches in months! I think its time for me to do the tutorial." And who am I to argue with that? So I handed over the rains again for Beans to share with you her own tutorial. I know a lot of you have been asking for more of these, but I leave it on her. When she wants to do one or feels like she has a style she has got to share I will totally let her and she's not shy to ask. So hopefully we will get more from her as she gets older, but for now we just need to sit back enjoy the ones she wants to share with everyone.

She dis a great job explaining everything and I hope your girls can watch this video and learn from Beans because that is ultimately what she wants her tutorials to be for. Thank you for the kind comments and for sharing your little girls styles with us on Facebook. Beans would love to know that you tried out her style. Have a happy week!!!


  1. You are super cute Beans! that is a cute style, thanks for sharing. :)


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