Q&A with Jenn and Beans

We get a lot of questions and thought it would be really fun to have a Q&A day for Beans and me. So we put it out there the other day on Facebook any questions that you might have that you'd like Beans or myself to answer.
The most asked question was about Beans real name and her nickname "Beans". First we are going to keep her real name a secret. Its nothing personal, but this is the world-wide-web and she needs to have some things that are private, including her real name. That way strangers can't approach her and confuse her to think she might really know them. Its just a safety issue. When she's older she can decide if she wants you to know her real name or not.

The name Beans has always for as long as I have had this lady around been her nick-name. If you ask her or myself why she is named Beans it is because as a baby she would salivate anytime we brought out the green beans! Nummy-nummy! But if you ask her dad, who I'd say started the nick-name its because of that Disney show Even Stevens who had a funny character who went by the name of Bean's and made him laugh. Do you remember that character?

Now for some of the other questions:

 Q: When did Beans start enjoying you doing her hair? My three year old asks what is Beans' favorite type of bean?

Jenn: Beans has never put up much of a fight about hair and she has always loved the attention she gets from having cute styles. That has toned down a bit as she's matured, but doing hair has never been hard on Beans. I guess I got lucky.

Beans: I don't know when I started liking having my hair done because I was pretty little. I like Green beans and baked beans.

Q: What is the longest you've spent doing a hairstyle? Do you do her hair every morning before school?

Jenn: I've experimented with hairstyles for the length of whole movies before. We've started movies before and I just play with her hair the whole movie long while she watches. That doesn't happen often, but that is probably the longest time we've played with her hair. as far as specific styles I would say that the Got Time or Ribbon X-Marks The Spot are our two longest, time consuming, styles.

We don't do her hair every morning before school. I used to, but as she's getting older she likes to do her own some days. I like it when she asks me for a style though, always have always will.

Beans: I like doing my own hair before school and I like asking for her help on bad hair days and sometimes just to get the help.

Q: Does Beans always want you to style her hair, or do you have to bribe her too?

Beans: Sometimes both.

Jenn: I let Beans answer that first because I really wanted to know what she'd say... but she wouldn't expound on that thought any further. For the most part doing Beans hair is just routine. Having nice hair has always been important to me. But occasionally I will reward Beans for always being so good and patient with the GirlyDoHairstyles.com added part of our routine. Most little girls don't have to get there hair done and video taped or photographed, so since she's such a good sport I do buy her charms for her charm bracelet and earring supplies for her hobbies. Just to thank her for letting me get video's and pictures.

Q: Do you have a secret talent you haven't told us about?

Jenn: I've been pretty forward with most of my talents. I do hair and photography as probably my most obvious talents. But I also enjoy crocheting, sewing, drawing and baking. Beans however has lots of awesome talents I'm sure you don't know about.

Beans: Probably art, jewelry making, drawing, cursive (penmanship) and singing.

Q: Has Beans ever got upset at you doing her hair a certain way?

Beans: I don't think so...

Jenn: She hates loose ponytails. If her hair is done she likes it tight. She's not a big fan of the fish bone braid because it is too loose.

Q: Do you have a lot of hair accessories? How do you organize them? Where do you get most of your accessories from?

Beans: I keep them on a dress thing and a flower stand. I have so much! Mom makes some and her friend Jen.

Jenn: We have a ton of accessories. I've been making a lot lately too, so we are overflowing with hair accessories lately. I have a bunch that have never been used that I've been making in a box to give away. We keep a lot on a dress accessory holder I made five or six years ago. That flower holder I made a few months ago got taken over when Beans decided it was hers, so she uses that too. And we get most of our favorite hair things from Jen from All Things Ribbon.

Q: What is Beans favorite school subject?

Beans: Math, art and science because I like to make things explode!!!

Q: Why do you like Halloween so much?

Jenn: It all goes back to my childhood. My mom and dad were great about what we asked to be they made happen. We could really come up with some fun stuff and they were so good to make it happen. So I took on that same attitude with my kids and I THRIVE on the challenge! The harder the challenge the better! Its just such a fun time to really use your imagination and make fun things happen.

Q: Do you put anything in Beans hair to make it so smooth?

Jenn: Our hair care routine has been on the top of my list for a while. I really need/want to get our routine out there and published. We are so lucky in our house to have thick and stick straight hair (Beans), course thick kinky hair (my oldest son), fine wavy hair with lots of cowlicks (little J the five year old) and super fine thin hair with my baby. So we have all kinds of hair types to cover and each of them has a different formula for there hair care/maintenance. So I've just been toying with the best way to publish all of it. Its a lot of good information! But we do use a leave in conditioner almost every time she washes her hair and we use a silicone based product in her hair after every bath as well. More to come on that whole subject hopefully very soon.

Q: Is there a hairstyle you haven't managed to do yet? If so which one?

Jenn: That's a tough one. I think I've managed about every style I've ever taken on as far as styling... In the salon though I am deathly afraid of pixie cuts. I can do them, but I get so nervous! They take me a little longer because I want to get necklines right  and fringe totally as feminine as possible. There is just more to consider with a pixie cut. Styles though I think every one I've taken on I have managed to do and a lot of them I have made easier for others to recreate. I think that is what makes me stand out from others out there is I can see easier ways to make things happen.

Beans: French braiding (adding hair in) and the waterfall braid are what I want to learn most.

Hopefully we answered most of (if not all) the questions you posted for us. Thanks for asking such great questions. Feel free to post any other questions you have for us in the comment field and maybe we can do this again in a few months.


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