End of the school year for us meant that Beans got some temporary color in her hair. The color she chose was purple. Now of course she is addicted and says that she wants to have purple hair forever, but she knows its just for the summer. (I hope.)

We used the purple from the Privana line. There colors are very true to what they say they are and they are really brilliant. When we posted a photo of her new color on Facebook lots of you started talking about using Koolaid to color the hair. I remember using Koolaid as a kid to color my own hair and I always felt like it dried it out like crazy and it tangled up like mad and drove me crazy. I had my mom take me to the salon to chop off what I had colored. Maybe I did something I wrong. It was too long ago to remember how I colored my hair with it. I just remember it being a bad experience.

With Privana (however) there are other flaws. With any temporary color there are a few things you need to know. First every bath or shower the color can/will bleed a little. Its temporary and it has to come out somewhere. The shower is where it happens. It will also happen at night when she sweats on her pillow or on her shirt if she gets wet in a water fight. These are things you might not realize. I tell you not to talk you out of coloring your little ones hair if you are thinking of it, but telling you because I think you should know. Its not that big of a deal and not a deal breaker in my opinion. But it might be for you. So color hair with that in mind.

If you have a blond or a daughter with light hair like Beans you might want to think about using chalk to color the tips of there hair. Its very easy and lots of places like Hot Topics in the mall will sell chalk intended for the hair. Just put hairspray on it afterwards and it doesn't bleed nearly as much as temporary color will. But it  will not last as long either. A better choice that Koolaid though.
If we had wanted the purple to be even more brilliant and deep I could have bleached her hair before application, but I have told her no bleach until she's in her mid teens. I don't know that she'd have the patience to sit that long right now and its really not healthy for her hair, so no bleach for now. That is just my rule.

The process I used to color her hair was just doing the underneath part of her hair on the tips. I didn't feel like she needed it to the scalp, just in the ends. I used foil just to keep it clean. It wasn't required, but I knew it would be much less messy. (See photo below.) How I did it looks great curled or straight. That was very important to me.
So now we have purple hair. My question for you is what are your thoughts about coloring your daughters hair funky colors? I know some people are very against it. My opinion is the same as my moms was growing up, there are far bigger more important battles to fight that the hair battle. My brother had very long hippy hair and she embraced it because there were bigger battles than just hair. So opinions about coloring your daughters hair?


  1. My husband and I have talked about it and decided that as long as it was pretty and not something crazy then it would be ok. Also, if there is ever an attitude linked to the hair coloring (like to show rebellion) then NO. She hasn't asked about it yet, but I'm sure it will come up eventually :)

  2. Beans looks so cute! I think you might have a hard time convincing her that it's just for summer.

    I love hair color! My daughter is 10, and has had red, pink, and blond highlights. Luckily, my aunt owns her own shop and does our hair for free :)

  3. Both of my daughters have colored hair right now (ages 10 and 7), one has a couple purple streaks and the other has dip dyed pink ends (like Beans, just all of the ends). I love it! My mom was very strict about dying hair and I think it just makes kids want to be*more* rebellious. haha I had bright red hair for a few years and loved it (but got tired of the upkeep). I LOVE that bright colors have come more into fashion, I think its very fun and interesting! I would love to dye my own hair a bright color, blue or purple or something! :)

  4. I'm okay with colored (temporary) hair. My girls are 3 and 5 and I used colored hairspray on them for Halloween. (Not something I will use again because of the mess....I had to wipte down wall in the bathroom when I was done. LOL) I've used koolaide and food coloring as well, mixed with hair conditioner.

  5. I love the Pravana color. It is awesome. I have a cousin who did her whole head the teal color, with some of the darker blue under tones in it. She did bleach out her hair. It is a little bit weird to look at. But I figure if you want color like that, go have a professional do it.
    My girls have asked me for purple streaks, and for blonde. I did it a few years ago, but they haven't asked recently. They are 4 and 6.

  6. we have done the koolaid and the temporary dye as well as spray in and chalk over the years for my ten year old. As long as she is doing it for fun and not for attention or rebellion, we are okay with it. She is homeschooled so we don't have to worry about it being a problem at school.

  7. I think it looks great,age appropriate, and a great way for younger girls to be a part of what's in without bleaching like you said.. I never thought of doing it until Noe and am def. Going to look into it !! Thank you for all the tips and suggestions (as always) !!!!

  8. I don't believe children should color their hair. And besides girls only will ask about coloring their hair if they see other kids with theirs colored. So it only becomes an issue because other parents let their kids do this. Fortunately no one around here does this so it isn't even something my kids know anything about.

  9. I agree with Avila Family. And I think the reason some people have a negative feeling about hair dying is because in the past it's been associated with rebellion. But now it's more of a beauty thing (ie tips, single streak, etc.) There wouldn't be so much controversy over painting your daughter's fingernails but its more socially accepted.

    I think some people have a hard time getting past the old ideas of what color dying used to be. And I think some parents are afraid of how it will make them look if they let their child dye their hair despite the fact that it now has nothing to do with defiance.

    Now, maybe some parents just don't like the look of it. Or some parents don't want to use chemicals (though there are organic alternatives) That's one thing. But I think there are a lot of parents out there who wouldn't care but for the fact that so many other parents have an issue with it.


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