Flash Back Friday

Its funny how you change in how you do a style. I look back at this one and I ADORE IT in every way, but if I were doing it right now I would have done it different than I did in this original tutorial. And honestly I like how it is in this tutorial than how I would think to do this with all my current knowledge.

If I were to sit down right now and try and recreate this from just this photo and not my step-by-step instructions I would do a twisted waterfall braid and it would not sit as close to her head as this one does. The twists wouldn't be as prominent and it would be totally different. What works so much for how I did this originally was by leaving the hair down in the underneath section it still gives it the feel of a waterfall braid, but the twist sections are so much more detailed!!!

This is a top trending style on our page. Have you tried it? What did you think of this style?

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