All the Way Braided Headband

I have to start out by saying that my little girl usually doesn't smile showing off her teeth, but she loves having braces and every smile for this hairstyle photo shoot she had a big smile on her cute little face. She's still getting used to braces, but she is having a good time while she gets used to them.

This style is one of my most favorite for growing out bangs, or just a day you don't want to have bangs anymore. This one is great! Except it is a little hard to hide bang fly aways. You have to be willing to use some hairspray for smoothing to get them to look there best.
How I like to finish mine with the braid on top... I think that is the photographer in me. I excel in film photography. It was my favorite. I actually love digital, but will always have a special place in my heart for film. One thing I loved is darkroom work. And when you got a prefect photograph that was metered correct and everything you would do a print with the film sides showing to say, "Hey I did this 100% perfect from the shot, not the darkroom." I think I do that with hair sometimes too. I don't want someone to mistake that I took the cheating route. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but I think its just an artist thing.
Thank you for always watching and for your super support! My husband was laid off again last week. Summer, work is slow, you know how it is. So please bare with us while we get used to yet another schedule change. I love the challenge!!! Love hearing form you so leave your comments and thoughts. Thank you!


  1. I will pray for a job for your husband, and for grace and wisdom for you to stretch your current finances!

  2. Prayers for your husband to find a job! Love the hair as always!


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