Visor Hat Hair Idea's

Remember that SUPER cute flower/ladybug hair clip we did a tutorial on the other day? (link to that tutorial.) Well this was why we had to make sure you had that tutorial. A few weeks back I was asked about some cute hairstyles for a little girl who wears a visor almost all baseball season. (I LOVE BASEBALL SEASON BTW.) And I thought it was such a fun idea! we decided to come up with a whole handful of fun idea's.

Unfortunately I had a really hard time finding a cute visor. I've started to see them more in stores since I purchased ours, but it was just too late. We had a plan already for how we could doll it up a bit and make this plain black visor a little more fun and cute. We just took a little piece of black ribbon and made a little loop near the seam for Beans to clip any clip to. That way she can change out her flower or bow to match whatever she is wearing. BRILLIANT, well maybe not brilliant, but a fun idea at least. She also wanted a ladybug and that's why we of course made you the new tutorial.
Now comes the fun part of turning this hat into a fun style. This was a very fun thing for Beans and I. The very first thing I had her do was put the hat on. I didn't do it for her for two reasons. First she is old enough to put it on herself and second because she can put it on herself I am sure she will adjust it throughout the day to her own comfort. This way I was able to see where it would sit most comfortable on her cute little head.
One she had it in place I took a few pictures for your benefit. You don't need to take pictures, but you need to pay attention to where it sits. Try and do your style so that it doesn't interfere with the hat placement.
She wears it low on the front of her face and likes it to be nice and tight on her head. In the back it was  at the bottom of her occipital bone in back. That gives me two places to really work with. Either really low on her head or really high in that opening area. WE CAN WORK WITH THAT!!!
The first style is a no-brainer. ponytails are always fun. We did ours off to the side because it dolls it up a lot to off center your ponytail. That may not be ideal for baseball, but still so fun! Beans likes her ponytail to be much tighter than this too, so this one really wouldn't work long for Beans, but for someone else I think it might be perfect.
Next we have low pigtails. I love pigtails. When Beans wants to have a hat day this is usually the one I favor. Its just so cute. I see girls of all ages wearing pigtails with there hats. I just adore this look.
With a visor you are lucky to have that extra spot to work with too. That big hole in the top can be used for fun styles too. Pull the hair up into super high pigtails. This is just too fun!
And of course with both the high and low pigtails you can always turn them into cute messy buns. Messy buns are GREAT for sports hair because they hold up great, but if they get more messy its really no big deal! I love messy buns for almost any sport. And the high messy buns really add character to this hat!

Can you use braids with a hat? YOU BET!!! Low braids across the lowest part of your hair line can be a great way to keep the hair out of your way and add a very cute detail to a visor or any hat. it finishes into a cute side ponytail too.
 If you are really daring you can do a low bun, or you can really step things up and so a low bow. This is FANTASTIC!!! This hold the hair tight because you start with a ponytail. It keeps hot hair off her cute little neck. And if you do it right it is virtually indestructible!!! With only four bobby-pins! This one is a huge winner on all levels!
 If you are going for cuteness factor alone you can always do the braid but turn it into a fun bow braid. To be honest I don't see this one holding up the whole ball game unless you make your bow then secure each one with a bobby-pin. That might distract a bit during the game. And don't get me started on putting the helmet for batting on and off how funky this one might end up looking. Use this one with caution.
And last I just wanted to remind you how cute just a little extra lift can be. We just back comber the top section secured with bobby pins and left the rest of the hair down. Not ideal if you will be sweating a lot, but still so cute.

Wow---- That's a lot of super cute idea's. Please feel free to share your own on our Facebook page if you have a good one we didn't share here. And I hope this gives you all some fun ideas for your little ones wearing visors. One last thing I want to throw out there is there is no coverage on the top of the head with this type of hat, so any style that has part lines make sure you cover with sunblock to avoid burning out in the hot sun. Its very important to protect those scalps too. They often get ignored. So take it easy and use lots of sunblock.

Thank you so much for checking out our fun visor styles. Make sure and find us on Instagram @girlydohairstyles and get to know us a little better. Have a great weekend.

Xoxo, Jenn and Beans


  1. i like your hairstyles and even tried some of them with my daughter! You're daughter is a really cute and cheerfull child :D

  2. Is there a Tutorial for the cute little bow bun

  3. I'm with Emily...I would love to know how to do that low bow. P.s love the looks! amazing job

  4. I'm with Emily I would love to know how to do this so I can wear it to work, you also do amazing work


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