Katie's Dance: Braids and Bun Style

Big welcome to those visiting from Katie's Dance! You are the whole reason for this hair tutorial. This is a new idea and we are hoping it works for you all well. This is a GREAT dance hairstyle. Its going to keep your little ones hair out of her face and look so darling. If you are new to French braiding I thought I'd link you to our video we have for that. So check out this braid video if you are learning how to French braid. This really is a simple hairstyle I know you can do. It may take some practice, but you will get there.

 If there is anything confusing or anything we may have left out please feel free to leave me a comment in the comment field and I will do my best to get back with you and make sure you can successfully do this cute hairstyle. You little ladies are going to do great at your dance performance and you are going to look super cute too! Good luck!
Beans totally felt like a dancer with this hairstyle, but she has big dreams of being a gymnast. But while she had this style in she cranked up some Taylor Swift and danced around the house. She told me when she starts gymnastics in a few weeks this will be her go-to most favorite hairstyle. She's going to be a great little gymnast.

If you haven't already checked us out on Instagram you may want to. I post a lot more of the hairstyles we use daily on that and I don't always publish through to Facebook. So find us @girlydohairstyles and hashtag our styles at #girlydohairstyles. Have a great week.


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  2. Just wanted to give an eloge to your daugther that is so nice and still while you are doing her hair! What a heroin she is! <3


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