Curls Our Way {PERFECT}

This one has been one that has been requested almost more than I can count! Everyone LOVES the way little Beans hair looks curled before we start our tutorial. So this is the tutorial you've been asking for on how we curl Beans hair.
 One thing I want you to realize before you go and try this style. Beans has a lot of hair! She is very blessed with very full (THICK) hair. So her curls just come out looking very full. This is still easily the best way to curl your hair if you are going to do it!

Hopefully you understand the importance of curling the hair both directions. It really honestly does make this style look so amazing! It's the very best! Also always curling the hair away from the face around the face is so important. One of these days maybe I will curl the hair away from the face around the face and curl towards the face so that you can see the difference. It really does make a difference. Have you heard the saying: "God is in the details." This is one of those little details that really can make or break a good style.

In a few days I hope to put together a list of my favorite things for you and our hair care routine. I've tried a few times, but it has proven to be a difficult post to finish! But we are working on it. I did loose my long list if styles I still needed to do tutorials on (I think my husband accidentally threw it away.) I've tried to remake my list off memory, but if you were waiting for a style please comment with what style so I can make sure its on my new list. And with summer coming I think we will be able to get more styles done--- YEAH!!!
Speaking of summer I bet you can't wait to see what Beans talked me into for her end of the school year last who-raw! It has to do with something totally fun that she wants to do to her hair. Any guesses?


  1. Very cute. I do the same thing and it makes all the difference. She looks great!

  2. Are you going to color her hair? We do the temporary wash out stuff from sally's sometimes for fun highlights.

    1. Yup. I told her we'd give her some fun purple to start off her summer.

    2. In the past we have used hotpink and red from Sally's but this year I am taking them to a professional! It's a great deal at $3 a foil and seeing that we dont do "ALOT" it will cost about $30 a girl. My oldest dd is 9 she has blonde hair and she is getting hotpink and a bright (peacock) blue, my youngest is 8 and she is getting the same blue but a bright purple. They both wanted lime green but with all the swimming we do, I am afraid it would just look like bad chlorine!!

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  4. Sweaty looks beautiful. She is looking very cute in this dress and her hair style is awesome. I am a hair specialist and doing a job in a salon "salons in Tempe" and i like her hair style very much.

  5. I've been using this technique on myself now and it's working great. Thanks!


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