Super Cute Ladybug Flower

I have a very fun tutorial coming at the end of the week (Fingers crossed I figure out this computer) but we made this super cute flower for the tutorial, so I thought I would share the tutorial for this flower first. One more thing I want you to watch for is something super fun coming in the next few weeks including bows... no I am not opening up a flower shop. Just wait for it. I think you will love it.
I told Beans a few days ago that Ladybugs mean good luck. Ever since then she has been totally obsessed with them. So when I was making her this super special bow I picked up this super cute button of a ladybug. She loves this bow almost more than any other she's had... at least for this week.

This might be the easiest tutorial ever, but you might want to watch how its done because how I start it and how it finished might be different than you would think. And if you do it wrong it doesn't puff out right. So scroll down for my step by step.
I have a little index card with my pattern on it for this one so that all of them end up the same size. The measurement goes to that darker blue line. I measured it and wrote the number for you after so you could see the measurements for each layer.
Take your ribbon choices and cut them down to the different sizes. You are doing seven pedals for this flower so repeat this seven times.
Keep your piles separate and orderly (LOL- if you know me you know this is a must).
And seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so you don't have the ribbon fraying after only a few weeks of having your new bow.
The first pedals is done different than the rest. SO stack them up like you will for all of them...
And sew through the inner peddle part first. This will have you finish off inside one of the pedals rather than outside and trust me this is how you need to do it to make it work.
For the rest of the pedals you just fold them into the pedal shape.
And you sew it right on to your strong string.
One you have all seven pedals in place it should look like this. Its like the NBC logo-LOL.
Now you want to stack your first pedal...
And sew through them so your string ends in the inside of the pedal.
Tie it off and secure it tight so it doesn't came loose. You will fill that middle hole with glue as you add your button and that will help secure things down nice and tight.
Attach a little felt square on back so you have something to secure your clip to. I should have done this in black, but I didn't have black.
Add your button on front and your ribbon covered clip on the back and you are done! Seriously I don't know if it gets any easier than that! I don't know if it gets much cuter either. As always please share yours with us on facebook of on Instagram. If you use hashtag #girlydoflowers I may share your creation on our Instagram @girlydohairstyles (Always giving you credit of course). Have a great week. I hope to be back on Thursday with the fun one we used this one for. Yeah--- SO EXCITED.

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  1. Super cute! I love this bow, thanks for the detailed tutorial!


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