Flash Back Friday

My poor computer is having problems. I've used my trusty laptop for years posting her on Girly Do's, but recently it has started to act up, so my husband and I went and bought a new computer. I haven't been able to transition to the new computer. I am just so used to and comfortable with my laptop! But this last week I think my trusty side kick hit the wall! I'm so sad, but since I haven't transitioned to the new computer I am totally lost on it. And I found out this week my old camera doesn't fit into the portal it needs to... its too bulky. So I didn't get a new post done for you. Its shot, but I have to figure out this new computer. And I was volunteering at the school a lot this last week for Teacher Appreciation, so I haven't been able to sit and figure this bad boy out, but I will. LOL-- We have to laugh at things like this. Because this is life always changing.

So until I spend this weekend exploring this new computer and Windows 8.... Any tips or suggestions are always appreciated.
So for today's flash-back we went way back to the first few months Girly Do's was on the inter-web world. I still love this way of doing pigtails and its great for those who don't/can't braid. There are two versions on this on the original link, so check it out. Hopefully for some of you who haven't been following for years this is something new. And for those who have been following since the start I hope this is a bit nostalgic and that you might give it a try again this weekend. Happy hair doing!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am going through the same thing right now with a new computer and windows 8. I don't do well with technology changing lol. I finally figured out to go into the control panel and change everything to "classic view" which has helped me a ton... things almost look normal to me again. Good luck!!


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