Drag Braid

We've been seeing this one more and more out in "the real world" and we thought it was time to do a tutorial on this one. Honestly I wish my hair was just a little longer because I think I would wear this one at least four days a week. I love this one. I don't even know why, but there is just something special about this style.

As you know braids are everything right now. You see braids everywhere! So learning to braid is important, but having some tricks up your sleeve to keep your braids looking unique is so crucial too! This is one of those tricks that keep it looking interesting without the difficulty of so many styles out there right now.

As my regular followers know I recently had knee surgery. I am currently working out 4+ times a week and dieting like mad to try and loose the weight so I can get new cartilage in my knees. It has slowed me down a bit with posting, but not much. I just want you to know I haven't gone anywhere. If it gets quiet around here it won't be long before I post again. You all have been the best at being patient with me through all my medical dilemma's that my family faces and I appreciate it so much.
Enjoy this hairstyle and have fun wearing it and share it with your friends if you love it. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. this is really pretty. her grin at the end made me smile too :)

    1. I had slipped and fallen right before we shot this video and she was all tears over it thinking I had REALLY hurt myself. She's so tender-hearted. So she was not wanting to look at the camera on this one because she didn't want anyone to see she had been crying, so its such a tender little smile at the end. Almost makes me cry! Thats also why she wasn't looking at the camera to start. THANK YOU!!!

    2. She's such a sweetie! Beautiful hair-do!

  2. Love this! And, good luck with your knee. We are all cheering you on!

  3. love it!! thinking this will work for all the newly chopped off length around here.. hope your recovering well

  4. Very beautiful. Hair styles are really suited to the face. Nice posting. Keep posting these beautiful styles.

  5. Very beautiful pics. Hair style is really suited to the face. Keep posting these beautiful posts.


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