Double Twist To a Low Ponytail

A few months back I did a fun hair style on a mannequin at my salon and I shared it on my facebook page. I didn't have a tutorial for it at the time. This is how I did the top part of the style. The back of that mannequin was done using this tutorial. I did today's tutorial the way I did so you can see another option with this technique.

For those of you that can't waterfall braid because braiding is a challenge this may be an option for you. The only challenge with this one it to keep twisting the same direction. But its a lot less steps to have to think about while you are working. So I hope it works for you.

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As always thank you for watching. We wouldn't keep posting if it wasn't for you guys letting us know you appreciate what we are doing. Happy Hairstyling from Beans and me. Please let us know of any hairstyles you are still waiting on. I have a very long list of styles I still need to get shot and posted, but those that are needed/wanted first I will try and move up on the list of things to do if you let me know. Thank you!


  1. Love the hair, as always! :) How old is Beans?

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