The Truth About HEAT and Your HAIR

A few weeks back I posted a YouTube video on my Facebook page along with a lot of other people out there. This video has literally gone viral. Some may laugh at it and find it comical others feel for this little girl. I fit into the later of the two extremes. But that isn't what prompted this post.

I read from another hair blogger that said something about the heat and that she should have used a thermal protector. My blood started rising and I got a little sick to my stomach! HOW MANY PEOPLE READ THAT ADVICE and went out and got some Biosilk or some other silicone based product to protect the hair? IT WOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED THE HAIR FROM BURNING OFF. Do not start using a thermal protectant to prevent burning your hair off. TURN DOWN THE HEAT!!!

Don't get me wrong. Use a thermal protectant often. My favorites are Biosilk, Its a 10, Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquidi and Marrakesh. I use one of these daily. (I like to switch it up) A good thermal protector will help protect your hair from heat from driers, irons and even the sun. It is a good product. But It will not protect your hair from burning.

The best rule of thumb I can give you is that blondes are often lacking that middle layer of hair the medulla and have much thinner hair. Take care of that by using a lower temperature when styling. Its not just blonds though. If you have fine hair (NOT DENSITY) lower the temperature.

If you have thick hair like mine you can get away with higher temperatures. As a matter of fact you might need to have a higher temperature on thicker hair to get the desired style to work. Dark hair is ofter thicker than blond hair. My flat-iron can go as high as 450 degrees. I work at around 360-370 degrees. (If that helps.)

Another good rule to follow as often as possible is to try and use one or the other and not both your blow-drier and thermal styling tool every day. Give your hair a break every once in a while. It will repay you by looking healthy and strong.

Last let me just add to never use a iron on wet hair. If its wet from a bath or from applying product do not apply the iron to the hair. Its bad for the hair and the steam it can produce can burn your scalp.

One last time a thermal protectant will not protect your hair from being scorched off. Only adjusting the temperature will. You only have one head of hair and if you want it to look good learn the best ways to properly use thermal products on your hair. Safely. And happy hair doing!!!


  1. Awesome reminder for me. I have fine hair as it is naturally dark blonde and it is fried right now. I need to blow dry to get some volume and often use a curling iron. I will promptly turn the heat down...!

  2. For sure! I wanted to cry seeing that video. My straightener has two settings... low and high. I use the high setting (I have very thick, coarse hair..)but only every so often. If it looks fine, but has that one little flip in the back (you know how chin length bobs are!) then I'll just go over that one little spot. But yes, turn down that heat!! And don't leave it on so long. I feel she may have left it on there a second or two too long.

  3. Poor girl.
    And you are so right, turn down the heat. Especially if you like your hair. Thermal protectors are a great thing to use as a preventive, so you don't damage your hair too much. But heat left on too long=hair burnt off.
    Thanks for taking time to post so many things on your blog. I do hair, but I am always learning things from you! Thank you!

  4. Very good reminder. Heat can profoundly affect hair health. As a Miami-based Institute, we regularly warn our patients about the danger that heat poses to health hair. Sun, hair dryer, or otherwise, heat can cause serious damage!


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