My Pretty Little Flower

 I was emailed a few weeks back that the original link I had linked to do these flowers I've done a handful of times has gone private. And that you guys can no longer see the tutorial. I'm sorry about that! It started me on this fun bow-making adventure though! I've been making flowers like crazy over the last couple days! Its been so fun!!! But I wanted you to have the tutorial for this one.

I do mine a little different than the original tutorial was done. So this one has been modified from the original, but I think the changes I made make it a little easier. I wish I could go back and see the original to tell you what I do differently, but I can't either. And i just remember that I have differences not what they are. Hopefully I don't mess anyone us.
You are going to have to click on the picture to enlarge it and read the step by step. Let me know if this works for everyone or if I need to do them one at a time. Hopefully you can just make this work nicely for you. Make sure you share with us your beautiful hair creations on either facebook or twitter.

**UPDATE** Hopefully this makes it easier to view these pictures.




 That is a lot of pictures!!!! Wishing you much luck on recreating this one. Thanks for looking.


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