Braided Updo

I am feeling SO GUILTY about not having this one done sooner. I got a few emails from people wanting to use this one and I hope I didn't totally miss the mark on this one. I know one thing for sure... I have it done just in time for PROM!!! So hopefully we can see this one used a lot this Spring for Prom and Easter!

So (for those who want to know) my surgery went... well. They got in there and found that my knees are far worse than they had expected. They couldn't do all that they wanted to for my knees. I am actually finding myself in "The Waiting Place" for fixing my knees. I need to loose some weight and get a cartilage transplant in about a year. I have knees that could get a full knee replacement, but they won't do it because of my age. I'm too young. Bummer! So now I get to struggle like I have for the last two years to loose weight on bad knees. But this time its kind of do-or-die! So I have to make loosing weight a priority.

Also one more side note before I get to the tutorial. Beans started "phase one" for braces. You can totally hear it in her voice on the video. She sounds so dang cute! LOL. She is eager for me to tell you that she has her device in her mouth to widen her jaw and make room for her adult teeth. I think she just wants you to know why she sounds so funny. We are also wondering how many of our readers have braces? Please let us know.

Now finally we can get to this video. I hope its clear what we have done for this style. It really is such an easy updo to recreate. If you do recreate this one we are always happy to see you share them with us on facebook or twitter. Thanks so much for being such fabulous friends to us.
Hope you have a great week. Beans made a deal with her daddy that might make us really get on top of making video's. It has to do with American Girl doll accessories and clothes and the amount of video's we make each month---LOL. So we will be seeing you next week with another new video/tutorial.


  1. Beans looks so like a young lady already in this pic....aaaaaawwww, so pretty!

  2. PLEASE go back to doing the school hair thing!!!!!!! i miss being able to see what you come up with and being able to count on a post every friday!

  3. So beautiful and nice hairstyles.Excellent and nice blog.
    80 s hairstyles .

  4. I absolutely love the hairstyle! Yes, I have braces. =) It's been a good experience!

    By the way, I've been following your blog for awhile and trying out many of your great styles. (I love hair!! =D) I'm a 16yo and have 5 younger sisters, so plenty to experiment with... they all have long hair, so that maks it fun. Even my 13yo sister likes me to do her hair! =)

    Anyway, thanks so much for taking time to share your skill! I love your blog!


  5. This is absolutely beautiful!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    This may be a silly question, but one thing that you do that sets you apart from many other top hair blogs is that you disquise your parts so that you cant see them..... like the entire top part in this style that is sectioned into 5 parts, but you make it look like its not. How do you do that so nicely? And you have done it in many styles over the years. I have tried, but I just cant seem to make it work. If anyone else has ever wondered that, could you please put a "parting" video on your list if you think it would benefit more than just me!:)Thank you so much!


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