Valentines Day Round Up

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (Tomorrow)!!!! For anyone who hasn't already fallen in love with that perfect style they will be using for tomorrows fun school Valentines day parties and such I wanted to help you out if I may. I have rounded up a handful of our Valentines day inspired hairstyles for you to choose from.

From top to bottom and left to right we have; Our newest heart hairstyle. This tutorial was just yesterday. And I am going to have some modifications on this one after I recover. I was up all night before my surgery and I couldn't sleep because of nerves thinking about about three awesome tricks that would make this about a million times cooler. And its already WAY COOL, so just wait for it... Its going to rock!

Next on the top row we have my heart hairstyle from a few years back. I just redid this one with a new video tutorial for those who were struggling with it. This one is great because it requires no French braiding! Just your standard braid. One of those just for those who can't French braid! (See I am thinking of you!)

Middle row first picture is of a simple three heart style that we attempted a few years back. Another goo done for those who aren't quit ready to show off there braiding skills.

Next is another braided heart. This one is the double braided heart we featured about two and a half years ago. Its a bit more complex, but totally worth it when it comes to cuteness factor.

On the bottom row we have the worm bun with our super cute Valentines day bobby-pins. This one is great for those who are TOTALLY OVER HEARTS. If you aren't wanting to have your LO wear hearts you can still have fun with holiday cheer and this style. Its really easy to do!

Last is my ribbon heart I used last year for Beans Valentines day hairstyle. I really think this would be super cute in that double heart. (Just a thought) The ribbon adds so much to this fun style it just melts my heart!

Well HAPPY VALENTINES DAY again (tomorrow). I hope you have your Valentines all together and your kids are eagerly filling out fun cards for there friends. I know my kids are!!!


  1. Your the absolute best. Hope your family had a wonderful V Day.. Our principal stopped Cali today and asked about all her great hair styles lately.(we will try this is the am and share the pic..) And a bonus craft? This is so exciting..

  2. I couldn't get it together. Once I finally got the part down..and it is tacky day today out of the blue ..felt like I was taking forever.. Never finished in time, left the teachers gift n card on the boot. I kept messing up..


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