Hearts for Valentines Day

Before I get to this tutorial... 
It's only going on through today and tomorrow. So please go enter.

So in my attempt to get you some good Valentines Day hairstyles I thought I had better start with my favorite from our older stuff. This was originally done a few years back for Valentines Day to help those who struggle with French braiding. Hopefully it is a favorite of yours as well.
I am going to get a few more video's hopefully before Valentines Day, but you are going to want to click back over to www.girlydohairstyles.com on your own for a while. I hope to be able to update Facebook, G+, Pinterest and Twitter after my surgery, but I have no idea how I will feel and I plan on having the posts ready to schedule while I am down. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel and see the video updated as soon as its uploaded. That's usually days before I post it here on the site. Thanks all!!!
Happy Hair Doing!!!


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