Days 90-94

Its just over one week until my surgery. If I am doing my math right day 100 of this little project we've been working on will be the day I am in surgery. That is pretty hilarious!!! I never would have guessed that would happen.

So this week we had a strange week. Monday night my brother-in-law got married. It was kind of a hard day to pull everything off. I wore the cutest heal/boots to the wedding. My knees ended up swollen and in some intense pain up until today. Tuesday was my birthday and my left leg was so swollen I couldn't even bend my knee. I didn't leave the house or go up or down any stairs that day. It was rough! But I'm back in the game. BEHIND, but I kind of think that should be my middle name.

Day 90-- CONFESSION!!! Beans wore her hair straight to school because I wanted to do her hair pretty for the wedding. She was one of about ten little cute flower girls. So this hairstyle is one we did a few weeks back (Modified a bit and I don't love it as much as the original one we did) that we still need to do a tutorial for... but she only had it done for the wedding like this. Not actually for school.

Day 91-- We were out way to late for the wedding. So I left the braids in her hair Monday night and on Tuesday I just curled things up a bit and did a single knot on top. I was in a lot of pain that day. I don't remember her hair being so cute! I'm glad it was. For a tutorial on knots you can check out this tutorial.

Day 92-- I was just in the mood for waterfall braids. Beans didn't specify a style, so we went with my first choice for the day.

Day 93-- Low ponytail with the hair wrapped around the base to cover the elastic. I think she had said she wanted a simple ponytail that day. She's the boss!

Day 94-- I had taken a sleeping pill the night before... and I honestly didn't remember what style I had done on her this morning until I looked at the pictures I had taken. GOOD-GRAVE I am glad I didn't do one high pigtail and one low one. I was functioning off of a thought and a prayer I think, but a good night of rest really did good things for my knees! It was worth it.

So next week we will have days 95-99 and on day 100 I will be going in for surgery. Then we will have the first 100 days of Beans hair for this school year. Its been really a fun little project. I'm impressed we have been so good about taking pictures every day. When I forget Beans is good at helping me remember! She is the best PARTNER in HAIRSTYLING ever!!!

Come back on MONDAY I will be starting my birthday giveaway that was supposed to start this week. MONDAY is the day! See you then.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! Her flower girl hair is super cute! You do adorable styles.

  2. Happy Birthday! Praying for your surgery to go well.

  3. The wedding style is beyond beautiful.. I wish we had something formal to do, just for a reason..

  4. Wow! What a view!! In all my life I have never seen something look quite like this. This place is primarily used for corporate and personal occasions.
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