100 Days of School Hairstyles

Today is officially the 100th day of our hair experiment. Yeah, we did it!!! For day 100 I wanted to do something exciting, but I am heading into surgery and the thoughts of her having a style not easy to get out or anything wasn't ideal. So I left it up to her and she just wanted simple braids. So that is exactly what we did. Simple French Braids.

I hope that you got a few things from our experiment. First, not every day is a fantastic crazy wild perfect hair day. We are human. Some days we have a  simple style and some days we don't do much of anything. Second, we do use certain ones a lot more than other styles. Which ones did you see us using most? Which was your favorite? Which one(s) am I still missing a tutorial on? ((LOL)) I am sure there are one or two still on my list to get done.

So I figured I would do all one hundred or 23 weeks of hair days in a nice wrap up. I'm not sure if you can even see them in that photo as a reference, but here we go. (You can also see all the pictures on Pinterest a little easier.) Click on any week to flash back and see what Beans wore her hair like for school.
Week 1  


  1. Good luck on your surgery.
    Are you going to keep going on your school week hairstyles?

  2. Thank you! It's been so fun to see what you do every day. I hope you keep doing it!

    Good luck with your surgery today. I hope everything goes as planned, and you recover quickly.

  3. Hope your surgery went well and you recover safely n quickly. Happy 100 Days of Hair!! Make sure you get some rest.:)

  4. Hope your surgery goes well!! Happy 100 Days of Hair!!

  5. I love this blog. My little girl has such a fair hair yet, but have gotten some good ideas from here.


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