Triple Chevron Style

 If you follow fashion at all you know just where you can see this print... EVERYWHERE!!! You see it on patterns for clothing. People use it in nail design. Its literally everywhere right now. I want to find me a cute maxi skirt in navy blue and cream with the Chevron pattern. LOVE IT!!!

So we had to use this in a style. I have had this one on my list for a few weeks after we did it as a midweek style and it originally showed up on our 100 days of hair posts. Now we finally have a simple tutorial to go with the style. This really is an easy one.
First I started by curling her hair under just a little. Then you will take your first section at about the temple area of her head. You don't take your section back too far.
Start twisting the section. On the left side of her head (pictures above) I twisted clockwise. And on the left you will be twisting counter-clock-wise. Once you have the left side twisted part your right section and do the same.
Secure with an elastic. I usually use clear elastics on this style so they blend more, but for the sake of the tutorial I used pink ones so you could see them better. You will repeat this for the rest of your ponytails. The ponytail itself falls behind the one underneath it. I DO NOT COMBINE THEM. I don't combine them because I don't want the last ponytail to end up fat. They all need to be similar in size.

This seriously only takes a few minutes to do this one and it can work in lengths of hair shoulder length and longer. Variations could be from straighter hair to even curlier! Do what you want and make this style your own! Have fun!!!


  1. Thank you for this idea! I do it all the time on myself and my girls now. We love it with straight and wavy hair, with black elastics plain and also with little diamond spin pins added. So beautiful! We love your ideas and your tutorials, thank you.

  2. This may just be my daughters hair do for tomorrow! thanks

  3. I love it! I could do this on me and do a bun or something with the rest of my hair. It would be so cute to do when I buy the chevron skirt I am eyeing.

  4. My goodness, Jenn. This one is so cute. Love it!

  5. so cute love all these cute hair do,s

  6. so cute love all these cute hair do,s


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