Messy Bun Faux-Hawk

Another one marked off my "to do" list. This makes me so happy. I am really going after it hard right now. For two reasons. First I am going to have a knee surgery in the first part of February and I am not sure how up to doing hair I am going to feel. So I figured I had better get ahead of myself. I don't exactly know what to expect. Number two, while I am down and recovering I am going to look into switching my blog up a bit and doing the "upgrade" thing. I've got it pretty much backed up, so all I need is a good chunk of time to "upgrade". And I don't actually know what that means exactly, but hopefully I can figure it all out.

This hairstyle is my husbands #1 favorite. He loves this style. Its actually very pretty. I found photographing it and showing how intensely cute this is was really a challenge. It really is cute. If you've ever done this style before or if you try this style please write your reviews in the comments below. I'd like to hear what you think.

I have done this hair with a little more water and used less bobby-pins in this style. I know I've even in a rush done it with no bobby-pins, so experiment with it a little and have fun with it. Thanks so much for watching.


  1. hey Jenn good luck on your knee operation. hope everything goes well. :)

  2. I have been looking at your blog for a while (I have never been super girly but my 3.5 year old daughter wants to be!) and I really appreciate all of the time you put into these! This messy bun hairstyle, especially, we really love! It works well on her thin-ish hair. Simply beautiful!


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