Dry Scalp Treatment

One of the most important things you can do for your hair is deep conditioning and scalp treatments! Scalp treatments can be amazing! Especially this time of year. When winter hits my scalp dries out big time.

For this you will need a few tools. I used a cholesterol cream, but you could use coconut oil as well. I've done it both ways. I like it both ways. However, when I used the coconut oil it made my hair a little static-like for a few days. Cholesterol is the less expensive of the two options as well. I get mine from Sally's but I know it is available almost anywhere. You'll need four clips to divide the hair. You can use any kind of clips, but I recommend using four. You'll need a brush to apply the cream to the scalp. You don't need the color bowl, but it is more sanitary than dipping right into the cholesterol container.

Next you'll need to part the hair so that you can easily keep track of where you have already applied the cream.

Part the hair in four sections (like above). You'll have your front two sections and your back two sections. You can start in any section. I usually start up front, but for this tutorial I am going to start in the back to try and make it clear what I am doing.
Next you will spread the cholesterol on the partings around the section you are working on first. Remember this is a scalp treatment not a hair conditioning treatment, so you are putting the cream on the scalp.

 Get it all the way around that section of hair (Like in the photo above).
 Now you will start parting the hair about 1/8" to 1/4" partings.
 And you will apply the cholesterol to the exposed scalp area from that parting and repeat...
You will continue this all the way down the hair. Parting the hair out in small subsections until the whole scalp with the cholesterol. Beans said this was so relaxing. She loved this special treatment.
Once you finish with one area move to the next. They should stay pretty well divided out. After it is all applied you can let it sit for a while, or you can apply heat. I don't believe in using heat. Heat is usually what caused the problem to start with. But my understanding is that you can heat it at this point for deeper penetration.

Once you are ready to rinse the hair. You just rinse it out and wash it as you normally would. If you use coconut oil don't use conditioner, but if you used cholesterol you can condition as you usually do.  
Beans LOOOOOoOVED this treatment. Apparently she had the dry scalp feeling too. By the end of the day after we did this treatment she said her head had never felt better. She was thrilled by the feeling. Even still almost a week later she said it still feels amazing. This is really a great feeling.


  1. This is a good reminder of what to do for a dry scalp. Thank you!
    (I always wanted one of these in beauty school, but never got one. What is my problem?)

  2. how often should someone do a scalp treatment?

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  4. Wonderful tips, Its true that, A dry scalp can cause dandruff, those embarrassing white flakes that appear on your clothing and your hair. it can also be itchy, red, and irritated, and make your hair appear dry and dull.
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