Days 87-89

SHORT WEEK!!! It was almost made even more short with another snow day. The weather has been crazy this year. We went from almost no snow last year to an abundance this year! Its been an adventure.

Before we get on to this weeks hair I wanted to let you know that I am trying out the Twitter thing a lot more. Twitter is actually pretty fun! I'm still very new to it, so any tips you can give me are GREATLY APPRECIATED! And please follow me. I try to follow everyone back. If I miss following back please just remind me. And please share share share your awesome hair styles with me. It makes me so happy to see what you all are doing!

Day 87- We just did a French braid into a low side ponytail. Beans got a new super cute hat over the long weekend and wanted to see how it would look with a side braid. It was pretty darling. That girl has some great fashion sense (some times). If you are still struggling to French braid check out our video.

Day 88- We actually featured this one as a new tutorial this week. So the tutorial is the one just before this tutorial. Beans had a orthodontist appointment and I wanted her hair is a style I knew could take the laying down on. This one held up so well! I was happy with its "hold up" ability.

Day 89- Beans may be flip-flopping on the whole bang thing. That or she just wanted to learn something new. I was trying to teach her how to twist them out of her face. She just needed a bang change, but it might end up being she wants to grow them out. Only time can tell!

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