Days 77-81

Beans said to me this week, "Mom I can't wait until my hair is to here." Pointing at her lowest point on her back. I wonder if she can get it that long!!! She is eager to try. If she's like me when it comes to hair she'll get it long and it will get too hot and she'll chop it off. We will have to see.

This week was a great one for hair. I don't think we had any lazy days. And we had a lot of really cute hairstyles!!!  I know I am totally bias, but Beans is really just becoming such a beautiful girl!
I was shocked to find out I don't have a photo tutorial or a video tutorial on the twist braid that I used on two different days. I have the braid as a tutorial but not with adding hair into it. I have now added that to my list. I am really sorry I have used it before and I promise to do a tutorial, but I obviously didn't follow through! That's really annoying and I am sorry.

Day 77-- We had done the deep scalp treatment the day before on Beans hair and she was LOVING the extra softness to her hair and scalp, so we left her hair down. She was running her fingers through her hair the whole day.

Day 78-- Back in the business of hair on day 78 and we did knots and curls on her hair for this day. This is one of our most viewed tutorials here on our blog and on YouTube.

Day 79-- This was one of the days I used the two strand braid that I mentioned not having a good tutorial for. I thought that my low corkscrew braid was done this way, but its actually a lot more intricate that I remembered. I have this one on the list!!!

Day 80-- I just curled beans hair with a curling iron on this day. I usually curl with a flat iron because they hold up better, but today we used the good old fat barrel curling iron.

Day 81-- We did a low two strand braid adding in on one side only and made it a low side ponytail hairstyle. This was kind of a quick one since I was getting ready for work at the time.

Which one (or ones) was your favorite from his week? I think my favorite was day 79. Ponytails and school just make sense! Beans says her favorite was day 81 because she likes side ponytails best. (We are so different her and I--LOL.) Have a happy weekend!

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