Dutch Braid with Ribbon Corset {Video}

Maybe not the best name in the world for this hairstyle, but I don't want to call it a ribbon braid. We have one of those and this is 100% different. Maybe we could have names it ribbon sewing hair design or something, but it is what it is. It will forever be in every search engine as what it is now listed as.

So this is an old one. Its actually one of our very first tutorials. When we originally posted this (Original Tutorial Found Here) Beans was just four I think. She looks so little in the other post. She's grown up so much since we started this website.

This one I originally saw on So You Think You Can Dance (I think). I was fascinated and I remember trying to braid and add ribbon. DUH! Then the idea came to me to use a needle and add the ribbon last. I sure felt smart-lol. So now I've decided this one needed a video. Hope you enjoy it. Please remember we are trying to build up our YouTube page so I can choose my own thumbs to represent my work. THANKS for subscribing and helping me get there.

Woven Headband

I love simple styles that look like you put a lot of work into them... but really you didn't. I think this is one of those styles. We did this first a few weeks ago for church and people loved it! We got a lot of compliments. Then we did it for family pictures because we loved it so much. Now we have made this fun video to show you how we made this style.
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Hope you liked this tutorial please share it with your friends. Hopefully there is a new video camera in the near future. HOPEFULLY!!!

10 Styles with Added Ribbon

 We tend to use ribbon in a lot of our favorite hair styles. And our Ribbon Braid is one of our most viewed video's on our YouTube channel. So we thought since everyone seems to love ribbon we'd do a round up and share 10 of our favorite styles using ribbon. Hope you enjoy these. As always please share with us on our Facebook page what you are doing or any tutorials you'd like to see from us. And watch back later for a fun new video from Beans and me.

A Fabric Flower Tutorial {Featured Artist}

I asked my dear friend Jen from All Things Ribbon if she would like to be a featured Artist here at GirlyDoHairstyles.com and share with my readers her talent. I've purchased bows and flowers, I've made bows and flowers, I've even sat down at the table with one of the largest bow manufacturers in the US and NOT A SINGLE ONE is as high of quality as the bows I've got from All Things Ribbon. So when it came to choosing someone I knew could teach you how to make a great accessory I turned to the best. 

A Fabric Flower Tutorial

I was thrilled when Jenn from Girly-do's hairstyles asked me to do a tutorial for her fun blog!  This is one of my all time favorite fabric flowers and they are so fun and easy to make!  These would be a great summer/getting ready to head back to school project for you and the girlies in your life!

Before we get going I would love to invite you to stop by and "like" me on my facebook page, let me know how your flowers turned out!  I would love to see final pictures of them in a darling hair-do too! You are in the right place for darling hair-do tutorials I must say!

Let's get started, here is what you will need.

Flash Back Friday

I just LOVE THIS hairstyle. And Beans is soooo little back when we did this one! This is one of my favorites. I love incorporating ribbon into hair design. I've got a little crazy about it in some of my hairstyles, but sometimes I just can't help it. So my question, Have you tried any of my hairstyles using ribbon? Have you tried this particular hairstyle? Do you need a video to help with this one?

Our Big Messy Bun

For anyone who's been with us for a few years you already know about my BIG MESSY BUN. I always get comments of how people would like a video tutorial for the big Messy bun, so we finally got one put together. Beans hair is still not long enough to do just one, so we did them as messy piggy buns. Hopefully you like our video.
This is the best style to keep in your back pocket and use it when you are needing to get out of the house quick. This one is great to use in crunch time.
Happy Hairstyling! I have a handful of NEW tutorials I am working on, but what past hairstyles would you like me to update with a video? Please leave comments below.

Olympic Rings Hairstyle

I know its not a hard one to figure out, but Beans asked the other day while we were watching the 2012 Olympics, in London, on TV if we were going to do something fun with hair and the Olympics. First I am thrilled that she understands how HUGE the Olympics is to the world. Second I am flattered that she wanted to do something fun with the occasion.

This is a simple one, but we made a video anyways. Please if you aren't already please go and subscribe to our YouTube page. We are trying to develop that a little more. Plus you get our video's a few days before we actually post here on the blog, so there is a great benefit to subscribing. Thank you so much!!!

What has been your favorite event or moment of this 2012 Summer Olympics?

Featured Post {Puffy Headband Braid}

Beans and I are so excited to have this hair style (above) being featured over at HowDoesShe.com. We've been long time followers of How Does She and hope that the readers from Girly Do Hairstyles will enjoy there blog. Pop over there and check out this PUFFY HEADBAND BRAID tutorial then look around for great ideas for teacher gifts, crafts and check out the freebie page. I totally get a lot of ideas from there website. So make sure and look around after you check out this tutorial, which can be found here.

THEN, for those for you who clicked over from How Does She, WELCOME!!!! I'm so excited you stopped by. We have so many fun hairstyles for you to explore. Some of you might be totally new to the world of hair design. We try to keep it simple around here by sharing the step-by-step tutorial for you. Some will be harder than others and require practice, but others will come to you easily. A lot of hair sites just show you the finished hair product. I saw a problem with that, so over four years ago I started a step-by-step system to try and help. We now do photo's and videos and try our best to teach you some hairstyles that are more than just your standard ponytail.

Get updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter (totally new this week), Pintrest, and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you How Does She for asking us to guest post.



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