Our Sunday Style

For Sunday (church) this week we were totally excited about Beans hair being long enough to do a low braid with a side bun. Her hair is finally getting long again. We are both so excited. Every once in a while she will want to cut it short again, but I tell her she has to sleep on it first and if she ever decides she wants to go short again I'll gladly let her, but she always changes her mind back to having long hair again.
For this style we just did a waterfall braid on the top. This was helpful because it helped to hold that particular section of hair a little more tight and secure. And it added a little extra flare.

The only thing I might do different next time is to finish the braid and join it into the lower braid. It would give it a fun asymmetric look. I like it the way I did it, but that is what I might try to do next time.
Check out these tutorials for help--->

Hair Coloring {Beans Teaches}

Beans wanted to do another Beans teaches for you. This is how we add a little color to hair. K---- so let me tell you really quickly that we just did simple braids (standard) down the sides of her face. This is a very popular style right now. And here's a huge tip for you... If you have a little one that doesn't like to have her hair styled or sit still this is a great way to bribe them to let you do there hair. I don't know any girl that doesn't love to add some color flare to there hair.

The type of color we used is by Justice. It comes out and is applied just like mascara. There were lots of colors like pink, blue and purple. Some were color and some were glitter color. Beans loves playing with both.

PROS---- I liked this product. Once it dried it was dry and not going anywhere! The chalk that is popular right now bleeds. I didn't find that this bleed at all. They were on sale when I got them, so I was okay about the price. I got them for about three dollars each color.

CONS---- I got some on my hands and the color stayed there too, so make sure and be careful. This could potentially stain.

I'd highly suggest that you supervise while your little one is using this product, but its a simple design that is very easy for little ones to use. So have fun with it--- ITS SUMMER AFTER-ALL!!!

Easy Summer Knots {Quick Style}

I don't know if you feel like summer is a relaxing time, or if you feel like you are rushed to hurry and... ENTERTAIN THE KIDS. I don't actually feel that way, but from reading posts of friends on my Facebook page I know a lot of moms are feeling the need to come up with great summer activities.

For us its a matter of what days we don't have doctors appointment for one of my two youngest. And for those days that we don't have an appointment we find entertainment in the simple things. I've been all about THE SIMPLE THINGS lately.

I also know that a lot of the readers that come to Girly Do's have asked for me to show more simple hair tutorials and ideas. You know the ones. The ones you can accomplish in just a few minutes last minute before you take off... This is one of those.
This one will work for long or short hair. Its very much like my Idea for Short Hair tutorial from a few months ago. The only real difference is that you are doing the rows to the back, not on one side. And ideally you would do the partings at angles and not directly to the back. Straight back is fine too, don't get me wrong, but it is more flattering of a style to use angular partings.
Once you have the ponytails in you will use your topsytail tool (or not) to make the knots. For a refresher on this check out this tutorial for making knots. Super easy--- quick and fun.
If you see those little purple sparkles... we may or may not have a beans teaches using mascara hair coloring. (wink wink) I hope your summer is going well and that you aren't having to play entertainer every day.

Tween Side Ponytail

Beans has recently wanted more grown up hairstyles on occasion. Could it be that she is a tween? Maybe. I know when I sit behind her to do her hair I can tell she is getting a lot taller. Booo-WHO!!! From the time my kids start walking I am the mom that wants to push them down and make them stay small forever! I guess I have to accept that she's growing up.

This hair do is one I have seen a few of the girls at my school wear. Kind-of. I toned it down a lot!! I still have it being spunky and fun, but I tried to make it a little less punk-rocker. DID I SUCCEED? Or is it still pretty punk rocker? Beans loves it, so that's what I am going off of.
Step one: you are just doing corn-rows on the side of her head. I generally like to work in odd numbers, but I started from the top and needed to do four. I could have done one more on top, but that just didn't feel balanced for what I was going for. So we went with four.

Your next step is to gather it together in the ponytail in back. The girls at school do it in a row of ponytails making it a faux-hawk. That is just a little too wild for a little girl, so we cleaned it up into a pretty side ponytail. I remembered a pretty hair do from Pintrest and I used that style basically. I didn't look at the tutorial before hand I just went from the photo. I did mine very different, but with the same idea. You can see her tutorial here at The Small Things Blog. She pins and twist only twice before she does the ponytail. I pinned and twisted four times and secured my ponytail with an elastic because Beans hair is much shorter.
 You can tell this makes her feel a little spunky---LOL. Its funny what a hairstyle can do for a person. It is still a little spunky and fun because of the braids, but it has a lovely balance from the elegance of the side ponytail in back. Super beautiful!
Thanks for looking. Remember to share with us your own creations on our facebook page. We always love to see what you are doing. Thanks for looking.

Criss-Cross Braid Pigtails

This is a very easy style. I actually saw a cute little girl wearing this style the other day and wanted to share. I'm thinking anyone could come up with something this simple, but we are going to start trying to even have the simple styles here at Girly Do Hairstyles. Especially with it being summer. Simple is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
For those who need the step-by-step help I have a few pictures showing you exactly what I did for this hairstyle. Hopefully it helps.
Start by sectioning the hair into four equal sections on the top of her head. I used alligator double prong clips to hold each section after I parted them out. Clips make doing hair so much easier.
Next you will braid all four sections. We did just the standard braid because it is the fastest. The little girl I saw had the four braids done in fish-bone braids and it did look a little more elegant, but we are just going for cute today, so standard works.
Last step you will cross them over like above for a unique, simple finish. This is a good one for most any length of hair. It works for short hair or is great for long hair too. And since little miss cutie we saw this hairstyle on had ribbons in each of the pigtails we decided to put a little ribbon in beans hair too.
Braids and ribbon are whats in style right now for young and for old. So this is a great hairstyle for what is trendy right now. Use it on little girls, tweens, teens and even moms. Okay maybe not mom's...LOL. Hope you are having a great Summer break. Week one and we've already had new exciting experiences! I love summer.



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