My Braid

I know that's not the most inventive title...LOL. I don't know what else to call this braid. I was at girls camp when I was 12 or 13 and was experimenting with a braid. This is what I came up with.   
Now please understand right now that this is not an easy twist on the traditional braid. It is actually very complicated. There are a lot of things you have to keep track of while doing this braid. I KNOW FOR A FACT that is why I have held out on sharing this before now. I am a little nervous that it will turn people on me as a hair blogger---LOL. Not really, but I am worried people won't be able to do this braid or might not even try. IF YOU TRY PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES FOR YOU.
This is a fun braid. It has a very fun finished look. Its different than any other braid I've seen I guess I would describe it as having the external twist, but looking like it has a twist inside going the other direction. I love this braid. Hopefully you do too. Its kind of one of my longer videos. I hope that doesn't discourage you from giving this one a try. Good luck!!!

Wide Fish Bone Braiding

QUESTION--- Who reading this right now remembers a few years ago when I fell down the stairs and broke my shoulder holding my now four year old? Who's been reading this since then? Well a new baby means a new break for mom! I was walking little man C to his crib for nap time and so I could get in the shower and I fell all the way down my hard wood stairs. End up of course with a broken tailbone! Stairs and babies and me are not a good combination. Little man C is fine by-the-way. I managed to hold on to him tight and just take the fall and injury on myself.
Have you seen those braids that sit at the top of a ponytail and look really wide and beautiful. Well this is just a tutorial to show you how that is accomplished. Really simple, but this one if for those who can't figure it out. Or for those who have never thought about it before.
Step one: Simply pull the middle section of the hair back from about the temples to where you want the finished ponytail to sit.
Step two: Braid over that pulled back section of hair. I'm doing the fish-bone braid. for a refresher on how I do my braid feel free to check out this tutorial.
Step three: Secure the braid to the other ponytail from step one and VOILA! You have a wide braid.
I like doing braids like this every once in a while. It just has a whole different look to it. And (BIG BONUS) if you wind that when you braid her hair it often falls out from that top section... this might correct that for you. Yeah!!!

This may be the only tutorial for this week. Sitting at the computer (or anywhere for that matter) is painful right now. So I will be back with much more next week. Have a very happy long weekend!!!

A Fun Hair Clip Tutorial

This is just a fun little hair clip. Its especially good for these gals like my Beans that are becoming independent and wanting to do there own hair. This is a good clip for those girls right between being little and big. And it still works well for the bigger girls too. Maybe not so good for the super wee-ones. So check this out and make your own cute clips today! Have a nice weekend!

Flowers in Hair {part two}

If you did not see my last post please start with that one... you won't know how to make the flower if you didn't already see that post. Please click on this link to be taken there now, or read on if you are ready. :)

Now down to business. I'm not sure if I explained it well how I got the flowers placed where I did last time. So this is not 100% the same hairstyle, but its using the same concept. With the first hairstyle I posted with flowers I finished up the ponytails on the side with a topsy-tail twist.These I just left as simple ponytails.
 The key to these is leaving yourself an area to use for the flowers. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO CHANGE is your parting. Normally I would do these with a long rectangle shape parting. For these however I am going to make my ponytail sections triangular.
 This is how your ponytails will look. You can do as many as you'd like and as thin or as thick as you want. Every parting style will result in a different look. I didn't want one flower on top directly so I planned my parting accordingly. I ended up with an even number though and I don't love even numbers in hair design, so you just have to decide what you want the end results to be.
 Once you get all the ponytails in place you are going to make your flowers in the place I put the triangle shape on the photo. That will be your base area you will be working in. For the side ponytails I did the same thing, but before I made the flowers I used the topsy-tail for more detail. Both ways work. {Flower video can be found here.}
Beans was stopped all day on this one. Lots of people wanted to check out this style. She even came home and said it was her favorite, but she thinks it might not be a good school hair do--- "it caused to much of a distraction," she said. LOL. I love that girl!!! Hope you share your flowers with us on our facebook page. We love seeing what you are working on.

Hair Flowers

What could possibly be more fitting for SPRING than to throw some fun hair flowers in your hair? NOTHING!!! This is one of those things I tried to figure out a way to do this for so long... and it was one little extra twist I was missing to make these hair pretties happen. I of course learned this at  the Peerless show I was at this last weekend. I adore this fun style.
Here is a close up of the flower. The one thing I fail to mention in the video it to make sure and try and keep that last tail wispy piece of hair below the flower to try and hide the ends and not end up with them on-top of the flower. That won't be too flattering.

I did these flowers in the above hair do between hair that I pulled into ponytails and used the topsy-tail on. That way I could have them just on the side of her head. The options are really endless. You can place a flower anywhere on the head, or have a whole head of flowers!!! Just have fun with these.

Thanks for all the support you guys have been while we are adjusting and for the positive encouragement. You guys are THE BEST!!!!

The Peerless Show (day two)

Day two was much harder than my day one. I think having my boys there was fun, but challenging. I did go watch more up-do classes. One of which was in the Big Sexy Hair classroom. They teach up do styling as a five step system. I loved that concept. I'd love to take classes through there program.

I did try out those cute hair flowers I told you about on my last post. Super cute. I will shoot a tutorial and try to get it posted before the weekend. Happy hair doing!!!!

The Peerless Show (day one)

What a busy (hair week) I've had. I graduated this last week. That means I'm one of the few people who have an AAS degree in cosmetology/barbering. I'm not done with my required hours yet, but I am very close!!! Only 100 more to go. That put to be four or five more weeks until I'm 100% legal. I still have my hours to complete and my practical and written state tests to do. I'm so excited that THE END IS IN SIGHT!!! It has been two hard working years that have totally been worth it.

This week is also the week of the Peerless Spring show! I love this show. There are so many classes to attend and such great experiences. I learn new things every year. I meet some of the best in the business today! And I picked up some great new tips to share with you guys.

At the Onesta booth they were teaching the CUTEST flower style. Tomorrow night I'm going to try and shoot a video for you on little flowers because they are so perfect for Spring. I will try to post it by the end of this week.

I focused on color a lot today, so probably not anything new to report for this side of my hair passion, but I have so many things I can't wait to try in the salon. Tomorrow I'm going to hopefully go watch a few more up do classes. My two littlest will be going with me tomorrow, so we'll see how much I get to see tomorrow. I love this show and I think I appreciate it more this year than I did last year. I think I understand it more now.

Hair is my passion and I am the LUCKIEST person in the world to be doing this as my career. Thanks for following us on GIrly Do Hairstyles and I think it just is going to keep getting better here, so stick with us. Beans and I have so much to share.

Our Newest Addition (Part Two)

One of the notes on little C's release paperwork from the hospital was a noted "hip clicking" sound. So at that first visit with our pediatrician she checked out his hips and ordered an ultrasound. We had the ultrasound done when little C was four weeks old.

They did an ultrasound on his hips and discovered that he has Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). This is a chronic condition effecting the hip and femur bone. Its most common in first born daughters (the mothers hormones effect girls) or kids that are born breach. Little C was neither, so there is no reason why he has this condition. What happened is his hips sockets did not develop in his mothers womb and his femur bone has nowhere to sit, therefore no where to develop properly.

Treatment is done by getting the baby into a sling/Pavlik harness between weeks 4-6 of the child's life. It is most effective if started in that time frame. I believe I read somewhere (or was told by C's doctor) that the success rate for kids who start in this time frame and wear the harness 24/7 is 85-95% effective. THAT IS GREAT!!! However, for the rest of C's life we will have to monitor the growth of his legs and the development of his hips to make sure they are healing correctly. He will most likely have the harness on for three months total. He's had it on for three weeks already. There has been some improvement and that is great news.

I am THANKFUL that we caught this so quick and got his treatment started. I am THANKFUL for those fabulous people at Shriners Hospital who are treating him and will be treating him for the next 16+ years! I am thankful for the Internal Hip Dysplasia Institute for putting out such an informative site for those of us who are working through this condition. I am also THANKFUL for your patience while we have slow times here at Girly Do's while we work through everything. Posting may be slow at times, but I will keep posting new things for you.

I had no idea how delicate hips were for these babies. This is my fourth baby and this is the first time I have ever heard about this condition. But I wanted to tell you about it and make sure you know about these causes listed at this AWESOME website, because it is not always something a baby/child is born with. Please take a second and go read up on Little C's condition and educate yourself about things you might need to change to protect your little ones hips! You only get one set of hips--- take care of them.



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