Beans Teaches --- Taking Hair Out

It is very important to take your hair out at nights before bed. So this is a Beans Teaches video that is all about taking your hair out of its style at the end of the day. Beans wants to do more videos of her own, so I hope you like our Beans Teaches series. I'm thinking we might try posting them always on the same day. What day do you think should be Beans teaches day?

Laurel Braids

Beans hair is still not very long, but you'd think other-wise looking at this hairstyle. I ADORE this hair style. And it really the first braid we've been able to do all the way down the back in a very long time. I love this style. I hope you do too.

You may wonder why I am calling this a Laurel Braid... well frankly it reminds me of the things Romans used to wear on there head called a Laurel. You know what I am talking about the headdress made out of leafs. Yeah. I'm sure you can see the resemblance too.

What does it remind you of? What would you have named it?

Four Strand Braiding

Here's another very long over due post I was supposed to do about a year ago when I taught this braid the first time. When I originally did this tutorial I said I was going to show you how to add hair into the braid in another video... So here is that video. And it is one more thing I can check off of my to-do list I have. I love this braid. It is very dimensional, and unique. Its also very VERY easy. Don't make it harder than you need too.

Thank you guys for ALL THE POSITIVE feedback on our recent adoption. Little C is six weeks old and doing pretty well. We love him so much. I can't tell you how much your feedback meant to us. Thank you!!! And thank you so much for  being patient with me while I am playing "new mom" again and getting little sleep. Did I mention its my senior year at college also, so the stress has been pretty heavy, so THANK YOU!!!

Our Little Addition

Meet little C. Our little treasure. This is our adoption story (Part 1)...

About a month before C was born we had got our other three kids to bed very late (It was Super Bowl Sunday). And we had just turned on a show to cuddle and wind down to ourselves. It was about ten thirty/eleven o'clock at night. We heard a knock on the door. Nothing is more nerving than a knock on the door that late at night. I called through the door asking who it was. I opened once I knew the person. It was C's mom. She came to us to tell us she needed us to take C. At that time she was still pregnant with C. She said that she was to overwhelmed as a single mom of two other children among other reasons. She needed help. We all cried a little as we listened and talked and after an hour she left. My husband and I laid in bed and wondered if this was just a down moment for this special mom or if she really wanted us to adopt her baby. A few days later she called me and told me she had a lawyer secured for us to use.

Over the next few weeks it was background checks, lawyer visits, ups and downs... it was very stressful. There was always that chance she could change her mind. Adoption isn't official until 24 hours after the baby is born, so we were very reserved about counting on this blessing until after it was official. We bought things, but left them boxed. I set up the crib, put the sheets on it and we were totally ready, but NOTHING could ever really prepare you for what we experienced.

The day that C was born I was in the hospital right there with C's mom while she was in labor and delivery. The nurses would ask me about his after birth care. C's mom looked at me and smiled big through the whole thing (until about hour fifteen of labor). She asked me what name we had chose. I was pleased and overly joyous to find out how happy she was with our decision. We also chose to give him the middle name that his mom chose for him, so he'd always have that from her.

After TWENTY-ONE LooooooooNG hours of labor C was born. He was so perfect! So beautiful. I loved him at first sight. But I watched his mom hurt. She loved him too. VERY MUCH! I didn't hold him at all that first morning in labor and delivery. I felt like an intruder actually. Like I needed to not be there at that moment. So I loved him, I kissed him and I loved his mom. I hugged her and I left the hospital not knowing what the next twenty-four hours would bring.

My husband was so eager to meet C. He tried staying at the hospital while C's mom was in labor, but after 18 hours he had to throw in the towel. Trying to sleep in the cramped space of vehicle was impossible. So he left. I got home just in time to get my older kids off to school after showing them a picture of baby C. My oldest son's reaction was my favorite. He looked at him and said so sincerely, "That's a beautiful baby." And C is a very gorgeous baby. We got them off and I laid on the couch. It had been well over thirty hours of being awake at this point. My husband and son (not school age yet) looked at me laying on the couch. They wanted to go back up to the hospital. So I toughed through the tired and took them up to meet baby C. It was love at first sight for everyone in his presence. You just knew how special this baby was right away. He had the best demeanor ever! So mild and content. His mom held him all day and all night loving him, crying over him, enjoying every minute with him. It was very beautiful.

C's mom asked us to be there the following day when the lawyer would send someone over for her to sign over her rights to us. She called us that night sad about everything and the next morning wasn't any easier. We went to the hospital and we hung out with C and his birth mom and her mom for an hour before the lawyers arrived. We were asked to leave the room as it was a conflict of interest for us to be in the room at the time. And I didn't want to be. We sat in the hallway. We listened as it was evident how much pain she was in signing those papers. I can honestly say with all my heart that it was difficult to find much happiness at that moment knowing how much pain she was in. How hard it was to hold someone she loves so much, but to know that she needed to give him up and give him more, her girls more and herself more. She knew this was the right decision and for me... I know that these special spirits are brought into our homes sometimes not in the traditional way, and this was the way that C was brought to our family. Through this amazing woman who gave him to us.

I can't tell you all the details obviously over the world wide web, but this is my story. I hope that anyone out there who adopts irregardless of the mothers situation looks at that mother and holds her on a pedestal! Because she is an amazing woman--- whoever she is. Our birth mom gave up a baby she loved. I am sure that most moms who choose to give up there baby for adoption love those baby's. I am certain it is the hardest decision they will ever make in there life, but when it is the right decision and they act on that knowledge that it is the right decision they become AMAZING WOMEN!!! We love baby C's birth mom so much for choosing us to care for him. I know most people who adopt choose to adopt, but it an amazing feeling to be chosen---LOL.

I know that C was meant for our family. I am so happy and thankful he is in our family. And I love baby C's birth parents and I am grateful they are both in his life and that he will be lucky enough to know both his birth mom and his birth dad as he grows up. Both birth grandparents will be in his life and he is going to be so blessed for it. There are so many people that love him.We love him.

I hope you don't mind my sharing his story with you. I think Adoption is an amazing thing!!! I wish I could get into the spiritual aspect of this story and not worry about what anyone would say. For those who are religious I will just say that the Spirit was involved so much in this whole process that I know this is how it is supposed to be. For those who aren't religious I guess I'd say the same thing. LOL. Adoption is a great thing!

Feather Extensions

How quickly life can be shifted into HYPER DRIVE!!! That's been my life. I'm going to write a post about it shortly. To be honest I just don't know where to begin... we adopted a baby. I can't even tell you how lucky and blessed we have been to have this new little guy in our house. But with new babies come lack of sleep and new routines that have to be developed. Its been a wild ride! He actually turned one month old on the ninth and it was exactly one month ago today that we brought him home.But that's really another story for another day. A day I am more well rested----LOL.

Okay so I have a checklist of tutorials I need to do. One of which is that I said forever ago that I would get a tutorial on putting feathers in your hair. This is that tutorial. YEAH!!!

Feathers can be such a fun little way to add color to hair without coloring the hair. Its fun to be able to say that you have feathers in your hair. Feathers don't just need to be beaded into the hair. They make some really great hair clips that can just be clipped in. For the littlest girls out there that want feathers getting the clip-in-extensions might be a better option. But if you are looking for a longer lasting hold this is a great way to go.

In the video I mention using Babes brand beads, but I am also using Babes brand feathers also. There are some really affordable beautiful feathers that people make on Etsy. Really fun stuff.


 Sorry I accidentally deleted that post the other day. I was just trying to close commenting and I totally failed. I have never tried to update from my phone and I won't be trying to do that again anytime soon. That was a mistake.

Thanks again to Jen from All Things Ribbon. Its always fun to host a giveaway for such a quality product! I should have a new hair do with a cute headband from Jen in the next week or two. Such fun stuff!!!

On to our winners. Thank you to everyone who commented. Sometimes getting a bunch of comments is just great!!! So thank you to everyone that entered and everyone that shared our giveaway.

For this cute red and white Hello Kitty hair pretty we had draw our winner and the winner is...

 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will send you an email.

 For our headband pink and white Hello Kitty hair pretty chose the winner to be...

 CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will send you an email.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and commented. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN from ALL THINGS RIBBON!!!! If you are looking for good deals follow her on facebook to know the best deals going on.



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