Braiding Video

I am trying to get videos out there on some of the more basic hairstyles. I know a lot of people have asked for braiding videos. I've done a video on braiding before, but I tried to do this video with a few different styles to hold your hands and try and keep track of where you are working. You know in trying to keep track of the strands of hair and not loosing order. I am pretty sure that the reason you can not french braid (if you can't) is because you loose track of what section you are adding into and which one you are crossing over. Hopefully this video helps.

At times I start to sound like that guy that used to do art work on PBS. I know it is a little boring and I am sorry for that. Hopefully you can get through it. I do show both ways to braid. Your regular braid is the first part and the second braid on the right side of the head will be the dutch braid. Watch it though because I think I show two or three ways you can try to do this is you are struggling. Hopefully one of those ways works for you.

Fish-Bone Braid Video

I decided to do a video on this one from last week. I should have shot the video to start with, so hopefully you will forgive me. But here you have Beans and my video help for doing the fish bone braid. Hope it helps.

One thing I need to tell you before you watch this--- I'm pretty sure I do my fish bone braid different than most people, so even if you think you know how to do the fish bone braid have a look and see if this teaches you anything different and feel free to share your tips with me as well. At least I have been told I do it different. You'll have to let me know. Thanks for watching.

Beans Teaches

My very cute (very nervous) Beans has come up with a great idea. She decided that she'd like to start doing her own tutorials to show other little girls how to do different hairstyles. Last night she came up with her first tutorial and we shot it for her. All day she's been super excited about this idea and has been playing with her hair all day coming up with new ideas.

 When Beans first learned to braid I walked into her room and EVERY Barbie had a braid. Loose ribbon was braided. Even dental floss--- okay maybe not the dental floss, but if she'd have thought of it she would have braided it. So once your girls figure this out I am sure you'll have braids all around the house.

Hopefully you enjoy this simple video and hopefully the young hairstylist out there learn this simple braiding technique. Beans is already coming up with more things she can do that she wants to share with you, so keep watching for more Beans Teaches Posts.
Thanks for watching.

Jenn and Beans

Side Fish Bone Braid

I was SOOOOOO excited this last weekend when we were able to braid Beans hair back into loose fish bone braids on both sides into a VERY SMALL messy bun. The top part is off centered to the right side and I used a zig-zag part when I did the back part of the braid. This reminds me of this hairstyle I did last year. This really is a good one for all ages. If a picture isn't enough and you need a video help just let me know in the comment field. Thanks so much.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So I volunteered (or rather got volunteered) to do a craft in Beans class today. I had a WHOLE different plan two days ago, but when we tried our craft out on my own kids I decided it was a little to difficult. So we had to make a last minute change of plans.

We decided what better way to celebrate a love holiday than with a Cootie-Catcher. You remember these fun little fortune tellers from when you were in school right? Well its simple and we decided to make it so the kids could color them and also fill in the blanks so every ones fortunes are just a little different.

Well I thought I'd share this printable with you. Because I did it in Photoshop all you need to do is print it up like you would a photo. Just save it as a JPG file and you can use it as you'd like.

I hope you all have a great Valentines Day. I have school and I won't get to see my Valentine until late tonight :( But at least I do get to see him today. Happy Valentines Day from Beans and me.

Daddy Daughter Dance Do

SUCH A GREAT WEEKEND. Beans was very fortunate to be taken on a date with who I think is the best man in the world. Her daddy. And of course that means getting dolled up and made to look your very best. Beans eats it up to be getting dolled up. So of course we had to shoot a tutorial on some of the VERY simple steps we took in making her hair look great. This style was really the combination of two SIMPLE STYLES.
 Here's the look we are going for. Curls and twists. I know for some of you this is so simple, but for others I know this can be very intimidating, so we did this in two videos for you. Hopefully they help.


It really is that easy. One of my goals is to try and have more  of these simple videos, so I hope they help. I have one last photo that shows the twists a little better. The only thing I left out on the video was that the bobby-pin needs to be embedded in the twist and in the base.
Beans and her dad danced the night away and enjoyed talking to there friends. Its not very often that a little girl gets to go out and have her dads full attention for a whole night. If you've been following Girly Do's for a long time you know how much I really push for quality family time! THIS was quality time!!!!

Love Day

Valentines Day is right around the corner. And everyone wants to get dressed up with fun cute hairstyles appropriate for the day. Well you remember the double heart hairstyle we posted back in October, well we wanted to see if Beans hair was long enough to do it with ribbon using our ribbon braid... its kind of not. It was a bit of a stretch, but we made it happen still. I think I'll try this again but do a much smaller heart.

Both tutorials have been linked if you want to try this hairstyle. The ribbon is pink. You could use any color appropriate for valentines day. Check out these tutorials for more help.

The Heart Shape Braid
Basic Ribbon Braid
Using a Bead for Ribbon Braiding Video

I'll be trying this again because I think the ribbon braid in this particular style is perfect!!!! It adds so much to the look of the heart. What do you think? Have you done a heart shape in your hair or your daughters?



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