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This tutorial kind of jumped ahead on our to-do list. I've had a handful of people message me about doing a tutorial on this hairstyle for Christmas this year, so I had to make sure it got done before the big day.

We originally did this hairstyle YEARS ago. And originally we did it with adding ribbon to the finished hairstyle. You can check out the original link for this hairstyle by clicking on this link. Or you can check out our video and learn from this video we made.
I'll be honest--- I have been really really good this year and I asked Santa to bring me a new video camera, but I told him only after all the children were well taken care of if it was in the budget... so we will see. I know the quality isn't the best, but the information is fantastic! So just enjoy my very very amateur filming and the occasional baby and brother babble from the other room. Its what makes us us---lol.
We love this hairstyle. I know I have a smaller wreath as well and I did do that one different than this one, but not by much. I know that you can shrink this one down to the size you want just by how much you section out in that first parting. You can see the smaller one I call a wreath at this link. That one is a very fun one too.

Earlier this week I posted a video of my son and his neighbor friends doing there Christmas talent show skit. These boys did such a great job, worked hard learning all there parts and were so excited to put it on facebook. Every time they have got together over the last few days one of them asks how high the hit count is. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING and for the VERY NICE COMMENTS TO THE BOYS! You guys have really made there day! If you haven't seen it you can find the link here. Again THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this idea it is so cute I think I will do this on Sunday.


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