Days 69-73

I seriously can not believe how long Beans hair is getting! It seems to have grown very quickly. I have no complaints. I am loving having long hair to play in again. 

Day 69- I left here with a half waterfall braid just on the one side and some very pretty curls that I did with a flat iron. We really brushed through the curls though. I didn't want them too curly.

Day 70- Beans told me on Tuesday morning that her friend at school could fishbone braid, so she wanted a fishbone braid. We try and do what Beans wants as often as possible. The video tutorial can be found here.

Day 71- Just like last week Beans wanted a French braid just on the front part of her hair. She is recently obsessed with France and the Elfie Tower... I think she asks for this braid a lot because of THAT obsession more than anything else. My braid video is here.

Day 72-Piggy Bows! We originally did the tutorial soooooooo long ago (others have done a tutorial since we did ours). I actually forgot how I did them originally and had to look up my own tutorial----LOL. Oh-well it was fun to do these again. We used to do them all the time.  We have a video you can see here.

Day 73- I feel like I was sleep-styling Beans hair on Friday. I honestly was so tired. I just started braiding and manipulating her hair and this was how it ended up. I am sure I am not the only person to ever arrive at a hairstyle and not even be sure how they got there----LOL. This was a dutch braid and I do have a video showing how you do a dutch braid that you can check out.


  1. You gave beans bangs! I like day 71 and day 73 hairstyles. The bows in day 72 are awfully cute though.

  2. I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!! can i just ask how old Beans is ?

  3. I am favoring hairsryles 72 and 73 for these. U really like them all As usual. Have a fun a safe New Years!!


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