Days 64-68

Sorry I didn't get this posted on Friday. Because of the things happening in Connecticut I couldn't help but feel really overwhelmed by those events. My heart just aches for those kids. What a horrible situation. Sadly this will change most of those kids forever. The only thing I would add to the MANY inspirational thoughts out there on the Internet is to forget the name of the man responsible for this tragedy. I think all to often events like this happen and some evil person wants there name to be a household name that is always remembered and feared. I think we (as in EVERYONE) needs to focus more on the hero's that rose from the situation and stepped up to do everything to save those kids. THOSE NAMES should be the household names. Those should be the names that our future generations should want to emulate! (Period)  With that thought I will now post Fridays post for you.

This was a bit of a simple week for us. I guess we get that way around holidays. I never noticed that, so this is fun to watch and see my trends too. Its getting busier that ever around here. We've had a lot of holiday slow down too this year. Including a major leak in my basement that my husband has been tearing out walls to and floors/ceilings to repair. Its been a little bit of a wreck around here. But we are staying positive and going with the flow of everything.

Day 64- We did a very pretty Five Strand Braid for day 64. Have you ever done a five (or higher) strand braid before? We just love it!

Day 65- Beans insisted on wearing her beautiful Zinnia Flower again from All Things Ribbon. So we just did a standard braid just right on top of her head. I see so many people with this hairstyle in magazines and such. This simple idea is very popular right now.

Day 66- I flat-ironed beans hair today and she wore here headband we made. The link to that tutorial can be found in this post when we originally did this headband.

Day 67- Another really easy one. We just did a standard braid on this one just behind the fringe area. Another popular one we see everywhere right now.

Day 68- We made a cute holiday headband from a pin we found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest! Its one of the greatest Internet inventions ever!

Well I hope you are all ready for the holidays... I'm just starting my shopping this week, Oops! Wish me luck.


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