Days 59-63

Day 59- We love doing a double braids. I'm sure I've said it before, but I don't generally love the side pony, but I can handle it if its low. Tutorial for this one can be found here.

Day 60- My friend at the salon was painting her nails with cute chevron patterns the other day and it made me think about doing them for hair design. So I gave it a go. This was my first attempt. I love it!!! I'll have to throw it on the list, but it is basically this hairstyle tripled.

Day 61- This is another one we use often, but you can find the tutorial here. The only difference is I did just three is this hairstyle which is different than the picture in that tutorial video.

Day 62- I've never done a tutorial on this hair do, but I've linked it in a post. I only went across on this hairstyle twice and I did it three times back-and-forth on the original. Check it out here.

Day 63- I got a package in the mail the other day that was supposed to be a Christmas present, but Beans was the one that got it from the mail box and she immediately knew that it was a bow from HER FAVORITE BOW ARTIST All Things Ribbon, so she got an early present. This is seriously probably MY FAVORITE FLOWER EVER!!!! I did a braid on top leading to where I was placing the flower on the side and pretty soft BIG curls. Big curls are totally in!!!

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